Watch this space: The revenge of people of color and #MeToo

Watch this space: The revenge of people of color and #MeToo

Photo credit: Alan Perkins, "Black Women Matter,", CC BY 2.0

While Kellyanne Conway, our latter day Goebbels, was on the TV box this weekend flapping her gums about how much Trump loves women (I bet he does), a poll from The Washington Post and ABC painted a different picture. According to political maven Ron Brownstein (whom L.A. gave to the country):

In the Rustbelt states that decided 2016, Trump has slipped into a much more precarious position with these women: Gallup put his 2017 approval with them at 45 percent in Pennsylvania, 42 percent in Michigan, and 39 percent or less in Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Compared to his 2016 vote, his 2017 approval among blue-collar white women in the Rustbelt represented some of his largest declines anywhere — 18 percentage points in Ohio and 19 in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

And more:

And despite Trump’s frequent praise of the economy, nearly half — 47 percent — of white women without degrees view the nation’s economy as not so good or poor. Most — 65 percent — of these women do not believe that Trump is the “very stable genius” that he says he is. And the overwhelming majority — 79 percent — of these women think sexual harassment of women in the workplace is a problem in America.

Much has been made on this blog and in the broader liberal blogosphere about the irrefutable premise that Trump's support among white women secured him his election. That is a fact. However, it seems that these same women, faced with over a year of a public reckoning over male sexual harassment, seem to be having a come-to-Jesus moment.

The figures out of the states which gave him the Electoral College are devastating. Any patriarchal system depends in part on the acquiescence of its women. If even a fraction of these women decide to no longer support that system, it will fall apart. Polling is starting to come out that this is in fact what is happening.

If the GOP loses even a few percentage points of support among white women, it is done as a political force. As the GOP has become more misogynistic, women who vote for it but are otherwise not in thrall to a male-dominated system are beginning to realize that they derive no benefit from their fealty to the party. The long-awaited joining of the various sisterhoods may be happening. The supreme irony will be that this all began with the accusations against Harvey Weinstein, mega-donor to the Democratic Party. Democrats immediately and vociferously condemned him. The response from Republicans to their own malefactors has been noticeably different, and women are noticing.

That's one leg of the revenge against Trump. The other is, obviously, people of color, specifically African Americans, specifically African American women. Doug Jones would not be in the Senate without them. They have established themselves, in spite of what your average Bernie Bro would posit, as the very backbone of the Democratic Party. If it seems as if they are voting as if their lives depend on it, it's because they are. This new dynamic bodes well for states like Texas, where millions of African Americans and Latinos who are eligible to vote aren't registered to do so. The task of the Democratic Party is to get those people registered and committed to vote.

Even with typical midterm voter models, Democrats are ahead by an average of 11 points. I think this is undercounting the coming tsunami. I don't believe that these models are taking adequate measure of the sheer fury from people of color and the MeToo movement. They missed it in Alabama. They missed it in Virginia. They have missed it in the 30+ local seats which Democrats have flipped from deep red to blue. Revolutions aren't measured in polling. They come over a political system as if a thunderclap from God. Watch this space: Something is happening.

ADDENDUM: And some late news out of Minnesota.

Another Trump district falling to the Resistance. We're coming.

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