Trump can't do anything right

Trump can't do anything right

I was perusing my Twitter feed when I came across this tweet:

Now, he’s a follower of mine, and generally a good egg. But there was something off about this half-hearted, undeserved praise.

Then, I came on here and saw this tweet:

Why, that’s right: Fox goddamned News sees what a good liberal, trying to be fair-minded, can’t.

As I said yesterday, Trump didn’t go to visit the troops out of a sense of duty. And don’t even try to sell me that this escapade had been in the planning for six weeks.

This was a last-minute stunt pushed by Bill Shine to try and change the narrative. It was another Hail Mary pass. It had nothing to do with the troops and their morale, and all to do with Trump’s existential crisis.

However, he could have pulled it off. He could have come off as a near-approximation of a human being. He could have gone there and saluted the troops, told them how great a job they were doing, and generally put the focus on them and their struggles.

But that’s not what he did. Instead, he did this:

  1. He lied that they were getting a 10% raise.

  2. He handed out and signed MAGA hats.

  3. He had a photo op with a SEAL team and outed their identities.

  4. He bragged that he knew more than his generals.

As usual, narcissistic sociopath that he is, he couldn’t bear the spotlight being on people of actual character and bravery. He had to revert to the only thing he knows: making it all about him. He couldn’t have cared less about these men and women. He went solely in a flailing effort to change a narrative which, day by day, hour by hour, is turning against him. He thought, “Oh, I’ll do this president thing and everything will turn around.” And a smarter man would have figured out some way to at least fake humanity. But Trump is unable to do that. That’s why those of us who excoriated him for not visiting a combat zone now excoriated him for finally doing so. He didn’t do it out of genuine feeling. He did so out of desperate political need. And he couldn’t even mime the most basic of human feelings and not make it about himself. Everything, at all times, is about Donald Trump.

Yes, everything, at all times, is about Donald Trump. Not only should his henchmen be aware of that fact, but so should those he supposedly loves. Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka shouldn’t expect Daddy to take a bullet for them. He won’t cut a deal to save their skins. Mueller and SDNY and the New York AG will roll them up in crimes big and small, and Trump will lift not a finger to save them. He will see his entire family burn rather than admit failure or weakness. He will see their children cast off rather than cut a deal to vacate the White House. This is now a death match. He sees everything as a zero sum game, and everyone—children, sycophants, soldiers—as expendable. He began this adventure to salve his wounded ego and burnish his brand. And he continues it in the same vein. He has no other operating system. He’s like Hitler ordering the movement of phantom armies. He will cheat the hangman his comeuppance.

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