This picture at the head of this article was taken by a Reuters photographer. It’s of a Honduran girl who is part of the Central American refugee caravan, after she and they have been fired upon by US Border Patrol agents with tear gas. It will become as iconic a photograph as that of the Vietnamese girl alight with American napalm.

On Sunday, Donald Trump ordered the closing of the US-Mexico border crossing at San Ysidro, which sees 90,000 crossings a day. He also, apparently, ordered the Border Patrol to meet the caravan, which was trying to charge the crossing in order to claim asylum, with force.

Trump is in violation of several treaties to which the US is signatory. Firstly, the right of asylum is absolute. Asylum-seekers are allowed to present themselves at ports of entry and claim asylum.

Secondly, by firing into a foreign country, Trump could have committed an act of war.

But forget all that. Forget the legalities, the finer points of diplomatic relations.

That girl is who Trump is afraid of.

That wretched, hungry, fearful girl is upon whom Trump is unleashing his force.

Trump is a wounded animal. He knows he is not only going to go down as an abominable failure of a president, but of as a human being.

And he knows that soon his comeuppance will come due. At best, he’ll be forced out of office. At worst, he and his family will face prison and penury.

So, in a fury of scorching the earth, he has ordered his soldiers to fire upon desperate, frightened refugees. If you’re going to go down, you may as well make it worthwhile and take out the targets of your racist ire.

This is beyond what any decent human being can endure. And yet, Trump supporters who bray about their morality will not only endure it, but laud it.

The Christ they worship is no Christ of whom I was taught at Sunday Mass. The Christ they worship is a shibboleth of their own hatred and animus. I, as an atheist, am more of a Christian than they are.

That Trump is doing this now shows that he is in his bunker, awaiting his final quietus, and losing what is left of his mind.

It was always a sucker’s bet that Americans would quietly acquiesce to fascism and servitude. But the bet has now come up, and Trump and his minions must pay it.

Be prepared for the next few months, as Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, and a Democratic House, make their moves.

This Republic will not die because of the machinations of a failed game show host and his Russian masters. But many will be hurt in the process of serving him justice.

I only wish it wasn’t this girl, who fled violence only to be met with more violence at the border of the land in which her family hoped to find refuge.

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