Our complicit media

Our complicit media

During World War 2 there were two sides. One side was filled with Nazis, Nazi supporters and enablers. The other side was fighting to stop the destruction that was being caused by Nazis and their supporters and enablers. The press in this country was unlikely suggesting in any way that they were two sides of the same coin. There may have been some equivalent of Storm Front but I would have to assume that there was no overt support of Nazis. There were unlikely false equivalences.

Upon descending the escalator at Trump Tower Trump began fanning the same flames that were exploited by Hitler in Nazi Germany. It was clear as a bell. It was not accidental it was intentional.

The press reported on all of this with some degree of shock but they never really confronted what was taking place. After all Hillary Clinton had decided to use a private email server which was suggested to her to not do but it was not illegal. Not being technologically proficient Hillary decided that would be the easiest way for her to function. That decision opened the door to create a false equivalence between the white supremacist rhetoric and the choice to use a private server. Although in the case of Hillary Clinton if it hadn’t been the email server they would have fixated on something else.

The media waited excitedly for every new email that was exposed and although there was nothing nefarious in them they parsed out every word making a big nothing seem world shattering while moving on from everything Trump was saying and doing and not doing enough to expose all that is known of his past. They treated everything that pertained to Hillary Clinton hysterically and they treated everything that pertained to Trump as gossip. The press was treated the election like a reality show. If the press had just fully looked into Trump's past it might have been enough to stop him from becoming president - but her emails.

The media constantly pushed the narrative that no one likes either candidate without a deeper dive into where that came from and why that is. Without confronting all of these issues they were the enablers that aided in making Donald Trump president.

They saw two sides to the presidential campaign and today they see two sides when they talk about the democrats and the republicans. There are two sides but those two sides are not equal. One side is supporting Democracy and the other side is supporting Fascism. They are the same two sides that were present in World War 2 but the media wasn’t confused and they didn’t sit on the fence and they didn’t help to enable Fascism.

It was of course easier to have clarity at the time of World War 2 because it was happening in another country. That should not be an excuse for understanding that what is happening in our country today is strikingly similar to what took place in Nazi Germany and yet the media still sits on the fence. They are playing with fire.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the press to stay in denial. The evidence just keeps growing and what has been so obvious to many is becoming inescapable to the press and anyone else who is not predisposed to side with Fascism.

Like so many other things what is taking place is unsustainable. What is taking place at this time is forcing the hand of change. Although the media helped to enable confusion the extreme nature of what is taking place is pushing people off the fence.

Trump is in the process of destroying all of our institutions. He is the bull in the China shop. Our institutions were already in need reconstruction but he is making certain that they are broken and this is making it clear that a great change is needed. In the the case where homes have been destroyed by a hurricane it is strongly recommend that those homes are rebuilt to withstand the storm. All of our institutions need to be reconstructed to withstand the threats Fascism or of anything else that is opposed to Democracy.

The press is slowly waking up to this reality but due to their complacency they helped to enable where we are today. Although I am grateful they are doing better they are still lacking clarity about themselves and what is happening in this country at this time. Like so many other institutions the media is in need of a complete reevaluation of its purpose and how it serves that purpose.

The silver lining in this is that the attempt to destroy all of our institutions is galvanizing the awareness that our systems are outmoded and our structures need to be rebuilt. This was already the case but what Trump and his enablers and supporters are doing is forcing the hand of change and from that perspective there is necessary good that is being borne of this destruction.

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