An anecdote

An anecdote

As I was preparing to conduct my Storytime, one of my part time staff rushed to my office to get me.

"There's a person out front shouting the N-word."

I sighed and went out front

The library wasn't open yet, so the regulars were convened in front of the doors waiting for them to open. I saw a grizzled old white woman, toothless, with a dog.

I asked "What's going on?"

The regulars filled me in. The old woman denied everything. I told her she couldn't come in using the language she was using.

"What language am I using?"

One of my regulars, Sharon, then said "She's saying 'nigger' over and over again."

"That's why you can't come in.'

The facade finally falls. "That's right, 'Nigger nigger nigger', and I'll keep saying it."

I told her to get off library property, and she dramatically said "Don't worry, I'll never come back again!"

As her parting shot, as she walked away, she said "Thank God we have a real man in the White House now!"

Another anecdote from Trumpland. These are the people he attracts. These are the people who feed off of him. This woman was old, toothless, and living out of her van, but she was white, goddammit, and that's all that mattered. Holding on to that whiteness was the only thing which kept her from dwelling on how much of a shambles her life was. If she could hold on to that, she didn't have to consider what actions she had taken which led her to be living out of her van.

It's a common refrain that anecdotes are not evidence. But when the anecdotes come in the thousands, perhaps the evidence is staring you right in the face. Consider this another data point.

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