The failing attempt to erase Barack Obama

The failing attempt to erase Barack Obama

It is well known that on the night of the inauguration of President Obama that members of the GOP met in private with the intention of finding a way to insure that President Obama would fail. The GOP didn't want him to be able to accomplish anything. They saw him as a threat to their authority and they wanted to be able to undo him. From the very beginning they wanted to erase him and because of this they became completely polarized and began a complete shut down to everything relating to President Obama.

When Trump become aware of President Obama it's clear that he sensed through his reptilian brain that Obama was a threat to him as well. He began tweeting disparaging things about President Obama and he went on Fox News to demean him. He became a major birther as a means of erasing his very existence. It makes sense that after the Correspondents Dinner where President Obama made jokes at Trump's expense in front of the country that Trump made the decision to run for president. It is easy to see Trump as obsessed with the need to put President Obama beneath him.

Now that the GOP holds the reins of power they are working to do the polar opposite of whatever President Obama did in healthcare, foreign relations, energy, voters rights and the rights of diverse people and so on and so on. Whatever you can think of that President Obama advocated for they have want to do the polar opposite.

Due to a perfect storm that included aid from Russia and with Trump running on a platform of turning back time in a way that would undo the progress made under President Obama Trump pulled off a victory. Not only has he wanted to destroy the policies of President Obama and do the opposite of everything he did but his character couldn't be further apart from the character of President Obama.

One is calm deliberative and the other is unhinged and erratic.

One is strategic and informed and the other is reactive impulsive and uninformed.

One is warm kind and caring and the other is punitive unfeeling and uncaring.

One is dignified and the other is undignified.

One is deeply concerned with the needs of others and the other is completely self absorbed.

One is motivated by love and compassion and the other is motivated by fear and anger.

One is adult in behavior and one behaves like a petulant child.

The list is seemingly endless but the bottom line is that they are polar opposites.

The reason that Trump and the GOP have been acting in the way that they have is because somewhere in them they know the gig is up and that their reign of power is over. They know that with the election of President Obama their worst fear had been realized and that they no longer are going to be able to have the power to impose their will on others. They all know it but because of the way they think they can't accept it and because they can't accept it they are acting out. They are panic stricken and they are behaving like cornered rabid animals.

What the GOP has been doing and continues to do is the polar opposite of what is needed. They have brought us to where we are today where we are seeing tremendous disparity of all kinds. Diversity is growing and will continue to grow. The needs associated with this are not going away. What we are seeing is the polar opposite of what is needed. This is unsustainable. If what we are doing is unsustainable then we are going to need to change and engage in what is sustainable. The time that we are in demands that.

President Obama attempted to address the needs that are present and he did it with dignity and honor. He tried to create sustainability. Now Trump and the GOP are trying to erase all of that. If you look at this through the eyes of reason and you compare and contrast everything it only makes sense what will rise to the top and what will collapse. Trump and the GOP have nothing to offer a changing world that has issues that are in great need to be addressed. They are devoid of character and are lesser in awareness. The gap between what Trump and the GOP have to offer and what President Obama had to offer couldn't be greater, they are polar opposites.

Trump and the GOP wanted a war to defeat the winds of change. They wanted to erase Barack Obama. They can't put it back in the box. They can't stop something that has already happened. The time for change has come. What we are witnessing is a death of the old although it may not always appear that is what is taking place. What Trump and the GOP are doing with the aid of Russia is taking place in the light of day. It isn't hidden. They aren't even trying to hide it although they keep lying about what they are doing. They are all trying to sell a lie which means all they have is a lie and a lie is not real and therefore it can't produce anything of worth and all of this is taking place out in the light of day.

Now that they have the power they are exposing themselves for who they are. They are destructive and they are making everything worse. Their contempt for the winds of change and their failure to keep their worst fear from being realized when they were unable to prevent Barack Obama from becoming president has caused them to engage in the process of self destruct due to their unwillingness to accept change and become part of the solution instead of the cause of the problems. We are seeing the law of cause and effect or the law of karma taking place.

The election of Trump and the control of power by the GOP has brought about a force of resistance that is greater than the force that wants to hold all the power and with that power to ward off change. In the meantime President Obama has been visiting our allies and he has been talking about what has been taking place and explaining that we are in a time of disruption. He is helping by articulating ways in which we can address this and move forward. In the midst of this time of disruption and chaos he is calming the waters and helping to create stability. He has been and continues to be an integral part of the resistance and the work he is now engaged in is growing the resistance.

Although Trump and the GOP have been desperate to erase President Obama not only are they failing but in essence they have already failed and we are now witnessing the playing of that failure. We can all participate in guaranteeing the outcome by finding ways to participate in the resistance.

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