On Elizabeth Warren and own-goals

On Elizabeth Warren and own-goals

Because not all of you are (real) football-heads like I am, a definition of an own-goal: a goal scored inadvertently when the ball is struck into the goal by a player on the defensive team.

It's 2017, and Democrats have to win the 2018 midterms, but hearts long for 2020 and the tilt against Trump, so people are flapping their gums. And by people, I mean Senator Elizabeth Warren.

She gave an interview reprinted by Yahoo News. Here is the headline:

Obviously, as an Obot of long standing, this got my hair on edge. What, Sen. Warren? A man who was organizing laid-off steel workers while you were fapping trickle-down nostrums doesn't understand the "majority of Americans"? Forgive me, but that sounds like a dog-whistle.

The I was bombarded by millions of people (well, I received one tweet) who said that the quote in full didn't match the "clickbait" headline. Here's the quote:

Now, I'm no academic semiotician. But this quote doesn't seem much better. If anything, it reinforces the "clickbait" headline.

Then another Tweep said to read the quote with no "commentary" from the writer. Here's the quote without the errata:

Again, this seems to my untrained eye as a distinction without a difference.

And of course, there's this:

Could reporters be hyping her "disapproval" of former president Barack Obama's speaking fee to sow discord among Democrats? Damned right they could. Which begs the question: Why would she give them that ammunition?

Here's the thing about Republicans: You could be caught fucking a goat, and the Party would coalesce around you and suddenly call for the legalization of bestiality. But if a Democrat steps one foot outside of orthodoxy, and the pitchforks come out.

Let me amend that.

The majority of Democrats couldn't give two figs about Pres. Obama and his speaking fees. As my boss told me today: He's not charging enough.

But there's money and cachet to be made among the complainers. Perhaps Sen. Warren saw how much money flooded in to Senator Bernie Sanders last year, and sees this as a way to shore up her re-election coffers. Perhaps she thinks the voters of Massachusetts have turned against the most popular Democratic president since JFK and that's where her bread is buttered. Or perhaps she's like all Damascene converts and thinks that the people who were in the pews before are not pure enough.

Whatever her rationale, her reasoning is not based on facts.

Ninety percent of Sanders supporters voted for Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama is still the leader of the Democratic Party. Shitting on him and his supporters is not only tone-deaf, but a losing proposition.

Democratic politicians on the left side of the party need to learn that the Party is a big tent. And Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton are the pegs holding it together.

The vast majority of the Obama/Clinton coalition wants to put the primary behind it and get to the business of 2018 and 2020. But people like Sanders and Warren and their dead-end devotees continually insist on relitigating the "stolen" election and "failed Obama", defecating on the real base of the party to its detriment. They know they're not the base, and not really needed for electoral success, but they can put a spanner in the works by showing signs of disunity.

So, Sen. Warren: The next time you feel the need to scowl at a man who pulled you out of obscurity and into the Senate, perhaps you should think twice, train your fire on Trump and his minions, and realize that the bros are not your friends. They have their savior, and you're not it.

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