He. Earned. Every. Damned. Penny.

He. Earned. Every. Damned. Penny.

So. Barack Obama is going to make a speech to Cantor Fitzgerald, for which he is going to earn an honorarium of $400,000. And Leftist Twitter is acting like he farted live on stage in front of 300 million people.

I will use this tweet as a condensation of everything this segment of the commentariat is saying:

She, "in general", doesn't begrudge politicians cashing in. But, for some UNKNOWN REASON, she begrudges this politician earning what his market value is.

Why could that be?

Is it because, as many on Twitter are saying, he's a "sellout"? I mean, he didn't frog-march banksters to court, so this must be payback for his soft touch.

Is it because he just doesn't care? I mean, for God's sake, he boated with RICHARD BRANSON! He obviously is oblivious to the Republic's parlous state as he pals around with billionaires.

Is it because, as a certain librarian said, he's supposed to be doing this?

Yes. The country's first black President must abnegate himself, while failed, putrid, white politicians can own three homes and not release their tax returns.

It seems like I have to repeat myself, because people just don't get the message: BARACK OBAMA OWES US NOTHING. He's not your magic Negro. He's not your Daddy. He's not your Chosen One. You put all that on him. He is a man who answered a call to serve, and served better than most people who occupied his office. And he served while being castigated from both Right and Left. Don't forget, St. Bernard of Sanders opined that it would be right and proper were Pres. Obama primaried in 2012. Barack Obama had to suffer slings and arrows from his "friends" as much, if not more so, than from his "enemies".

And I'll say it now: $400,000 is way below market value. Moron Donald Trump commanded over a million dollars for his bromides. You're going to tell me that Pres. Obama merits less than an illiterate?

The thing which has hearts aflutter is that Pres. Obama will just pocket the money he receives. Point one: So what if he does? But, point two: Have you not observed this man for the past decade? Does it beggar belief that he will use the money he receives for giving pabulum speeches to Wall Street banks to further his causes? Barack Obama cannot win for losing. His motives must always be questioned, for no one can be as good and decent as he is. We live in an age where everyone must be questioned, where we can't believe in goodness. Of course Obama will betray us, for Obama can't be what we see him to be. Your cynicism is on you. It's not on him.

So, yes, Mr. Obama. Charge $400,000 for your speeches. Tape them. Broadcast them on YouTube. Your anklebiters might learn something. The shame is not yours, but of those who think they have a claim on you beyond that of a fellow citizen.

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