On Snoop Dogg, Trump, and Obama

On Snoop Dogg, Trump, and Obama

Rap game lion Snoop Dogg has a new video out. It has caused quite a stir.

You can watch the video here. Long story short, in the video Snoop mock-assassinates a figure who looks surprisingly like air-quote president Donald Trump in clown makeup.

Trump, reeling from constant slights to his manhood, of course took to Twitter for his denouncement:

If anyone knows something about failing careers, it's Trump. However, Snoop's is anything but that.

But let's address Trump's statement. Replace "Snoop Dogg" with "Ted Nugent" and you have this:

For instance, he has spoken of his desire to shoot Senator Harry Reid. In April 2012, Nugent said that if President Obama won reelection, the musician and conservative activist would “either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” That comment, which at the time Trump defended as mere “figure of speech,” triggered an investigation by the U.S. Secret Service.

Ah, yes, a "mere figure of speech". Something not afforded to an artist who dares assail Emperor Cheeto.

And then you have those who upbraided protesters for not supporting the new president, conveniently forgetting images like these:

Where were the howls of outrage from current Trump supporters. Oh, that's right, they were the ones conducting these protests.

The fact is that the new regime and its followers expected that it could command total obedience from a cowed population. Trump's surprise win put wind in their sails. The thought was that now history was at an end, and their enemies would soon be ground into dust.

However, it turns out that the reality is very different. Trump is loathed by a majority of the population. His initiatives, such as they are, are being met with fierce resistance, and in many cases being turned back. No one aside from his brown shirts admires him. A man used to fawning adulation from lackeys has discovered that the presidency exposes all your faults, and you have nowhere to hide. He can't have staff members sign NDAs. That's not how it works in government. He signed up for the prestige he thought he'd attain as the world's most powerful man; now a recent Fareed Zakaria documentary on CNN named his controller Vladimir Putin as the world's most powerful man. And his followers are reeling that liberals and moderates haven't turned tail and fled the battlefield, but are in fact fighting even more fiercely now that the stakes are plainly clear.

To paraphrase a great philosopher: There's no crying in politics. If Trump can't handle political satire from a "failing" rapper, then I shudder to think what will happen when an actual crisis breaks out.

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