Tipping point

Tipping point

At very beginning of the last election cycle I was considering what might be possible in a Hillary Clinton presidency. I was excited at the possibility that her presidency would likely confront us with the necessity to finally deal with sexism. I knew it would be ugly but it would also be front and center. As we know Hillary did not become president and therefore I assumed that the opportunity to finally confront sexism would not take place.

My husband receives Barron’s Magazine and the image above was the cover this week. If investors whose only concern is making money realize that putting their money in companies that engage in sexism is a bad investment then surely as the cover of the magazine says we have hit a tipping point.

But, it would seem that two polar opposite things are happening at the same time.

On the one hand in all sorts of different places men are being called out for their past behavior and they are starting to pay a price. We are finally seeing some justice playing out and it is becoming clear that it is not going to be so easy going forward for men to get away with what they have freely done in the past. This includes those who enable them who are also are also under scrutiny.

On the other hand we have been witnessing the never ending assault on Hillary Clinton.

During the election cycle we had to endure the use of sexism by Bernie Sanders and we saw the way that he attacked Hillary and how he would wag his finger in her face. Then there was Trump with his sexist attacks in general and his never ending misogyny directed towards Hillary.

Once again as we know Hillary is not the president and those who were looking forward to her presidency to use as an opportunity to destroy her have not stopped trying to destroy her even though she is not the president.

Sexism is about domination and the abuse of power. It is when someone is acting in a predatory way. This type of attack is not limited to men. There are many women who are more than willing to engage in the same abuse of power and predatory behavior. The attempt to strip Hillary Clinton of any power and to endlessly criminalize her has become a staple for many people both men and women.

Fortunately sexism is a bad investment now and in reality has always been a bad long term investment. This is because when you systematically oppress people sooner or later the group of people being oppressed will have had enough. They will hit their breaking point and they will no longer be willing to tolerate this type of behavior. That is what has taken place.

Those who are determined to turn back time are therefore in a state of panic and desperation. Hillary Clinton has been their punching bag. They are obsessed with the need to bring her down and strip her of power and they have become increasingly desperate because she refuses to fold. Since she is not the president she is not being restricted by the responsibilities of being the president. She is therefore free to speak what is true to her and that is driving those who want to take her down into a frenzy and since she is a private citizen they have a lot less leverage to destroy her.

Women as a group have hit their breaking point and as a result after the inauguration we saw a sea of women in pink pussy hats protesting. We are seeing women finding the courage and the confidence to step forward and speak out. It is unlikely that there is a woman who has not had to experience some sort of sexism and for many women it is a daily occurrence. This imbalance and abuse of power needs to end. We are now in a stage of our human evolution in which it must come to an end.

If we are at a place in time where investors have confirmed we have hit a tipping point then we are not going to go back but progress is a process and that process takes time and needs to continue to unfold.

Because we are at a tipping point it is all but certain that when history is written Hillary Clinton will be seen as a leading figure in aiding us to reach where we are today. She will be seen as a leading force of the resistance having lived a lifetime commitment to confronting the need for change and having not folded to the forces that want to take her down. And in continuing resisting she is helping to expose those who would want to destroy her for who and what they are.

We are in a time of great change. It is therefore a time of disruption and because of that we are experiencing chaos. There are entrenched powers that are resisting change. The structures of our thinking are changing and therefore the structures that have supported the old ways of thinking are collapsing. It is becoming increasingly clear that we are hitting many tipping points and that the old ways of thinking and being are in the process of decay and collapse. At the same time new and more beneficial ways of thinking and being are growing and beginning to take the place of the old and outmoded ways from the past. In order to speed up the process it would make sense for each of us to find a way to help grow a new way that would be more beneficial to all.

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