No man can serve two masters

No man can serve two masters

In the the King James version of the Bible the text reads: No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

I have my own understanding of what this quote means. My understanding is that it is not possible to live in accordance with two opposing beliefs. It is not possible to believe in brotherhood and in doing unto others as you would wish them to do unto you and the opposite belief which is seeing each other as potential enemies and wanting to be able to do unto others before they do unto you.

Everyone has the need to feel safe. It is not normal to want to live under constant fear and threat of survival. But throughout our history we have lived under a belief in dominance and to the victor goes the spoils. We have lived believing that I have the right to have my rights supersede other people's rights and that it's perfectly fine for me to get what I want at the expense of others. We have invested in a belief that affirms that I have the right to survive at the expense of everyone else.

This way of believing has set us up to see each other as enemies fighting our fellow man for access to resources. As with so many other things this way of thinking is essentially self destructive. People who think this way fear change and fear that they will end up being the one who suffers. And under this way of  thinking and being they continue not only to cling to the past but to dig in their heels and escalate their belief system therefore making things progressively worse.

People who have invested themselves in the believe that the only way to feel safe in a world where people are killing each other with guns is for everyone to be able to be armed anywhere and everywhere they go. Any person who is willing to apply a sense of reason can see that this is the opposite of a solution.

It is understandable that in this world where we participate in so much violence that depending on your circumstances having a gun might be a reasonable idea. But it's possible to believe that you need a gun for protection and to also not see your gun ownership as a source of pride but instead as a source of shame. In a sane world it should be seen as shameful that we have reached a point where it is necessary to have a gun in order to give oneself the illusion of safety. And clearly it is an illusion. It is not possible to create a world that is safe where everyone is armed and where they see their fellow human as someone to fear.

We created this world that loves it's guns and we did it because it mirrors the way that we have thought and what we have valued. If we want this situation to change it makes complete sense to have common sense gun laws but ultimately we are going to have to change the way we see ourselves and what we value.

Just as in so many other areas we are reaching a tipping point. The things that we have valued and the way that we have behaved has led us to a point where it is becoming all but impossible to turn a blind eye to what our behavior has caused. And because there are those who are invested in the past they are loathe to change but the more they dig in their heels the stronger the evidence becomes that what they have invested in must change because in this case as it is with so many other things this behavior is heading ever so quickly towards self destruction.

Due to the fact that we are programed with the will to survive and because we are now realizing that how we have understood survival has actually been leading us ever more rapidly towards self destruction our understanding of how we will be able to survive will need to be redefined. The good news is that so many are aware of this and the numbers will only continue to grow. As in so many other areas the growth of the number and the power of those who are more then ready for change is hitting it's tipping point.

In it's essence this is not about guns. It is about our understanding of who we are and what we value. It is not possible to serve two masters because if one master or one belief system is in opposition to the other then you will end up serving the belief system that is of lesser value.

President Obama has always said that he believes that Americans are creative and that we have the capacity to solve our problems and I whole heatedly agree with him. I may not have the solutions but I have the capacity to recognize the problem and to understand that new solutions are needed. I have the capacity to recognize if a solution makes sense and I also have certainty that due to the beauty and richness of our diversity that there are those among us who do have viable solutions and have been waiting for the opportunity for people to be open to receive those new ideas.

It only makes sense that as we grow in our understanding of the necessity to honor community and diversity and as we grow to appreciate that what we put out will eventually return to us we will move away from the direction of our love of guns and replace that with our love for our fellow human. This is a process in which we can participate and therefore speed up the changes that are needed.

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