For what is a man profited?

For what is a man profited?

For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul.

If this is the question then the answer is that he has not profited. To lose your soul would mean to live in such a way that no one matters but yourself. This way of living is morally bankrupt.

For eight years the GOP and many others set about to insure that President Obama would have no legacy. Their intent was to stop any progress. Now that they hold all the reigns of power it’s easy to say that they are unable to govern because they appeared to have had no policy since all they had done for eight years was obstruct. They actually do have policies and they have had policies all along. Their policies are all about stopping progress. President Obama did everything he could to bring about progress and the GOP has been doing everything they can to stop it and to reverse it. In the process they are causing serious problems for themselves.

President Obama came into the presidency largely because he was promoting confronting the changes that were needed and that were not being addressed. Many changes were needed in order for this country to evolve. The GOP does not want this to happen because if it does they would no longer be in the position to exploit everyone and everything for personal gain.

We had the opportunity to have experienced a leader who was advocating a change in the power structure and we were given a sense a direction in which it would be possible to solve the problems that confront us. Due to the contrast the GOP is now being exposed. Because they can no longer just object to everything they oppose we are now getting to see what they are advocating for and it’s not pretty. Now they have nothing to hide behind. They are advocating for things that are not only self serving but that are also blatantly destructive to everyone else.

We can see this. It’s out in the open even though they will continue to lie endlessly about it. They also now have a so called president who is such a buffoon and a loser and who is so vile and outrageous that people are paying attention who might otherwise not pay attention. This puts the GOP on the spot. For years the policies of the GOP have been the promotion of exploitation of all kinds and policies of exploitation have a fatal flaw. Once you have exploited all of the resources of the world you have charted a course of self destruction. When the resources are used up it becomes impossible to continue to exist.

The people represented in the image above are desperate to not confront the reality but the reality is confronting us and it is confronting them and it is inescapable. The chickens are coming home to roost. It is vital for us to stop the policies of exploitation. It is vital for us to change direction and to confront the challenges of today with great sobriety.

So if the question is for what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul and if this is a morally bankrupt way to live then if we continue down this path we will all become bankrupt. We will exhaust all of our resources. We are well on our way to that end.

The people in the image above may want to believe that they have a cause for celebration. They don’t. They are already bankrupt. What they want to promote is devoid of any worth and their day of reckoning is afoot.

All of life has a powerful drive to survive. In the past many believed wrongly that survival was about competition and that it was not only perfectly acceptable but also held in high esteem that one person could profit at the expense of others but due to having behaved in accordance with that belief we are now confronted with consequences of that behavior.

We are not independent. We are an interwoven interdependent whole. We are interwoven and interdependent as humans, we are interwoven an interdependent with the earth and we are interwoven and interdependent with the whole of the cosmos. The perception that we are separate is an illusion. Our survival is connected to our understanding that we are one. Our survival depends on us building structures that reflect our recognition that we are connected. United we stand divided we fall. That is the reality.

The celebration seen in the people in the image above is destined to be short lived. Who and what they are is being exposed. They are simply on the wrong side of history.

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My personal understanding of The Resistance

My personal understanding of The Resistance