And the people cry out "Who will save us?" And no one answers.

And the people cry out "Who will save us?" And no one answers.

As of the writing of this essay, Politico is reporting that Moron Hitler is sticking in the knife to the ACA, ending subsidy payments to insurers. We'll see if that actually comes to pass, but it's quite within the realm of possibility.

Meanwhile, earlier on Thursday, Charlie Pierce had this article. It's a plea for Barack Obama to join the anti-Trump resistance full time. Read it. I did. And my blood boiled.

It's nothing but an excoriation of Pres. Obama for hang gliding, vacationing, and giving inspirational, remunerated speeches. It's as if Pierce blames Pres. Obama for the predicament we're in, a catastrophe of our own making.

Dear Charlie Pierce: Fuck you.

Pres. Obama spent every day in the summer and autumn of 2016 warning of the dangers which lay ahead. He spent every day warning the voters of this country what type of man Moron Hitler was. He campaigned for Hillary Clinton, anointing her as the candidate to carry on his legacy. He did everything within his powers to avoid the calamity which has befallen us.

And it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough because he was black, he sounded foreign, he made people feel as if they weren't good enough, and they resented that. They were tired of that ni-clang, and didn't want his successor, the ni-clang lover, to succeed him.

And that's just from the Right. The Left had its own issues with Pres. Obama. He was never radical enough. He was to content with fixing things rather than ushering in a utopia. He didn't govern in the way that they wanted. That no-good ni-clang—oh, yeah, there was that on the Left as well.

It was to be expected that he would get opprobrium from the Right. But to get it from the Left as well? That he got as much done in the face of that kind of opposition was nothing short of a miracle. And he pleaded, begged voters not to go back, not the reverse course. And even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, those god-fearing Middle Americans had had enough of that fucking kumbaya shit. They voted their fears, their fears of a country slipping away from them. They gave the black guy a chance to get the uppity Negroes in line, and instead they got even more uppity. He was supposed to show them that everything was fine, and that if they were shot unarmed by police, well, it was their fault, obviously.

What was he supposed to do? Annul the election? Declare martial law? One person on this blog who is no longer here advocated just such a course of action. He did everything he could within the constraints of the Constitution, and it wasn't enough in the face of, first, enough people who wanted to burn it all down, and secondly, the large plurality who just didn't care enough to make their voices heard and stayed home.

Rush Limbaugh mockingly called Pres. Obama "Barack the Magic Negro". And that's indeed how people saw him. A black man who could break the ultimate color barrier decades earlier than anyone thought possible could work miracles. All responsibility was lifted from citizens' shoulders. Paradise would stroll in, unopposed, as the easiest of births. He became the locus of our hopes. And when history didn't end, when it turned out that work would still continue, he became the scapegoat. "Thanks, Obama," became the sardonic refrain.

No, Charlie Pierce: Barack Obama owes you and your fair-weather friends nothing. (Oh, yes, I recall your bitingly critical articles on him.) He pulled the country out of a ditch with practically no help. Voters drove it back in, again and again, in 2010, 2014, and finally, and maybe fatally, in 2016. He's not your Magic Negro. He's not your savior. He's just the greatest president to have served the nation in the past half-century, and faced nothing but backbiting and opposition for his troubles.

I write this sure in the knowledge that Pres. Obama will, in fact, work to oppose Donald Trump. But he will do so because of the duty he feels he owes to the country he loves, not due to the importuning of those who did nothing but second-guess him for eight years. If, as you say, the country's institutions are at a breaking point, it's not due to him. It's due to you. It's due to me. It's due to all of us. Instead of looking for an external Messiah, turn to the Messiah in you. It's the only thing which will save us.

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