To my friend, a Trump voter

To my friend, a Trump voter

On December 28, my husband and I hit the road as full-time RVers, and before we left, I received a message from a friend and a Trump voter I've known for 40 years. She wanted to get together before we left.  My response to ask her was this question: “didn't you vote for Trump?” Her response was to tell me it didn't matter who we voted for. My reply follows:

Well, it matters to me. This isn't about politics; this is about my family's well-being. Neither one of my daughters could get insurance before the ACA because of pre-existing conditions. Last year my oldest was diagnosed with aggressive inflammatory breast cancer, which would have killed her if she were still uninsured at the time. Instead she is cancer free because of the excellent oncologist and surgeon her insurance provided her. Her chemo drugs were the newest, most effective medicine at her doctor's disposal. Yet your political party is trying to destroy the ACA, and evidently, you're okay with that.

You have a grandchild with special needs who will need lifelong care. That might not be possible for your family to provide without extraordinary costs. You see the ACA prohibits a cap on coverage. Plus, your granddaughter has a pre-existing condition. But maybe you don't care because you're a wealthy woman. That should present a dilemma for you, a practicing Christian. Is the life child of a poor single mom worth less than your grandchild’s because that appears to be your party's philosophy? Jesus didn't just ask us to care for the least among us; he commanded us to care for the most unfortunate. How do you reconcile your party's stand with your faith?

The other day I went to my doctor, a woman of Muslim faith, for my annual physical. She is an excellent physician, the best I've ever had. She is also the daughter of immigrants. She shared with me that she is afraid of being forced to register and possibly be placed in an internment camp. She has nothing to do with terrorism; she is kind and compassionate. She provides a valuable service in a very poor state where doctors are scarce. I'm aghast you would support a man who calls for the punishment of innocent people, which should be an anathema to all patriotic Americans.

Furthermore, my doctor isn't the only one who is afraid of a Trump presidency. My friends of color share the same fear. You can't make a white supremacist your closest advisor if you're the president and not expect people to react in fear and anger to that appointment.  Trump spreads lies based on the most egregious racial stereotypes about African Americans.  He supports “stop and frisk,” which targets young black and Latino men primarily, in spite of the court striking down that method of policing.  He continues to insist the Central Park Five are guilty although DNA proved their innocence, and the guilty attacker confessed.  He uses fake news information about African American crime to instill fear in his white followers. 

I am truly confounded that you, a grandmother of a special needs child, would support a man who mocked a person with disabilities. I am also truly confounded that you, a teacher for 30 years, would support a man who wants to destroy public education by implementing a voucher system that would greatly benefit corporations and the wealthy. As a Christian how does your conscience allow you to support a man who lacks a moral compass—a pathological liar, a crook, fraud, and pervert.  You, a woman and mother of three daughters, voted for a man who brags about assaulting women. 

Elections have consequences. I will not associate with anyone who voted for Trump even if they are a longtime friend or a family member. His election could very well be devastating for my family and friends. The fact is we don't share the same values. I care about the poor and the disenfranchised. Your party vilifies them. In fact, your party is determined to take away their votes, rights, and health care. Trump has appointed cabinet members who want to destroy public schools, opposed requiring schools to accommodate children with disabilities and voting rights, a Wall Street tycoon who foreclosed on thousands of mortgages, and others who have cozy relationships with Russia’s Putin. Besides all that your party with your help elect a foul-mouthed pervert, fraud, con artist, ignorant asshole. You and I have nothing in common anymore; our friendship cannot survive your betrayal.

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