A quick word on "Christian faith"

A quick word on "Christian faith"

While I was casually perusing the Internets last night while doing other chores, this came across my Twitter feed:

This took place during Speaker Ryan's town hall on the Affordable Care Act on CNN. During the the session, person after person got up to tell the Speaker how the ACA had saved their lives. And this was his response.

Which, of course, elicited this response from me:

And a helpful Tweep followed up:

To paraphrase the Mahatma: I like your Christ. Too bad your Christians aren't more like your Christ.

I may not go to church. I may not believe in an omniscient, omnipotent Divinity. But the very core of my belief system was formed by the lessons I learned in church and in parochial school. Help the afflicted. Comfort the sick. The preferential option for the poor. Speaker Ryan is around my age, so I know he received the same lessons. And yet they seem to have never stuck. His "Catholicism" is one in which punishment for sin is paramount, not God's loving grace. And his Catholicism pales in comparison to his love for the evil philosophy of famed atheist Ayn Rand. Nothing in Speaker Ryan's career has shown that he has any knowledge of the Church's theology. His Catholicism is merely an appurtenance, an accoutrement to show that he's a "man of faith", without having to grapple with the meaning of that faith. It's a common failing among many such "people of faith".

Give me the doubter who nevertheless sees that we have a common humanity and a common duty to each other over the man of faith whose soul is dead.

This is your open thread.

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