A note on concern trolls

A note on concern trolls

Look, I get it. These are very stressful times. An orange oompah loompah with fascist tendencies is too terribly close to getting into the White House.

But, I swear, the emails I've received from the Democrats amount to this:




(OK, not the last one, but only because it's a family email list.)

Are things going as swimmingly as they were right after the culmination of the Democratic convention? Of course not.

But such is American politics. We have to remember that 40% of the electorate is composed of absolute morons who will slice off their noses if it means that blah people get screwed. Add another 5% to 7% who are slightly less moronic but throw in their lot with the idiots, and we have close elections.

The reasons for this are myriad. Mostly, the Right has been very successful at fleecing the rubes. (No, I have no concern for the the travails of the white working class which expresses itself in virulent racism.) 

That being said, if I may be so blunt: STOP WITH THE GODDAMNED CONCERN TROLLING! I say this both to the professionals at various Democratic organs, and well-meaning civilians who stay glued to the polls too much and don't get out to partake of the world's wonders. Hillary Clinton is, relatively, in worse shape than she was two weeks ago. However, she is not in bad shape. She is the inheritor of a politics which has become tribal beyond recognition. But our tribe is still bigger, even with the fair-weather defectors. (Who, when push comes to shove, will return.)

Whether you are a Democratic intern writing a "woe be unto us" email seeking donations, or a civilian on a blog fretting over every ebb and flow of the election: stop it. You're not helping anyone.

Fear can be a motivator. But as President Obama showed, hope is greater. Hope is what elevates us above mere animals. Hope is what gives us a path to the future. Build on that, rather than telling us how dire things are. 

It's going to be a long two months. Hopefully after the the first debate on Monday next, we can return to the hopeful message which has won us elections in 2008 and 2012. 

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