The Law and Order Candidate

The Law and Order Candidate

During his presidency George W. Bush instituted right wing ideals and he failed miserably. The GOP needed to distance themselves from the failures of Bush while still embracing his policies so the Tea Party was invented holding policies even more extreme and more radical than the policies of the past.  

The Tea Party candidates were sent to Washington to destroy President Obama and they failed and in response to that failure just as they pretended to change the party with the Tea Party label making it a more extreme version of the past Donald Trump came on the scene in an attempt to accomplish what the Tea Party failed to accomplish by creating the appearance of a new party while in actuality just re branding the old party by once again making it more extreme. 

In Trumps nomination speech he painted a dis-topic world in which it is impossible to feel safe. After the horrific picture he painted  he went on to pronounce that he and he alone is the only one who can bring safety. 

George W. Bush failed in every way including in the capacity to provide safety. He in fact created a more dangerous world. This caused many people to become even more afraid and angry that they don't feel safe. 

The fear and anger brought about the tea party which also failed in accomplishing their vision of safety which caused many people to become even more angry and afraid and to therefore become more radicalized. 

Donald Trump is now promising if elected that he will be the law and order president and that he will make this country safe. Even if he miraculously became president he would fail and once again the people who feel desperate to buy into Trumps nonsense would be let down. 

Since Trump has presented himself as the sole person who would be able to create what his followers believe to be safety the reaction to his certain failure would be that the people who believed in his nonsense would become even more afraid and angry and desperate. They would likely become even more radicalized and would see their only option would be to take the law in their own hands.

Everyone has the need to feel safe. It is a basic human need. It is not possible to feel safe in the world that so many on the right idealize. It will never be possible to create safety in a country or in a world where we sow division. When one person is pitted against another inevitably you are sowing division and therefore sowing discord and disorder. 

The division humanity has been engaged in has brought about the inability to feel safe. Continuing the same way of thinking can only worsen the situation. 

The only path going forward that has any potential to create safety is one that stems from the idea of unity. Honoring diversity, inclusiveness and community is the only way forward if we want to create a country and a world that is safe.

Donald Trump is not the law and order candidate and not only would he fail to create safety, he would cause chaos and disorder which is something he has already been quite successful at accomplishing.

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