The Unleashing of the Beast

The election of Barack Obama marked the beginning of the end of white male domination. Immediately after the election of President Obama it is well known that a number of high ranking GOP members gathered to to agree to do everything they could to try to destroy President Obama along with his policies and his legacy. In spite of their efforts he was able to pass policies that began to improve the dire condition that he inherited.

This caused a great deal of rage in the GOP electorate and it's supporters and in the midterm a new crop of Tea Party types were sent in to do what the GOP was unable to do to this point and that was to destroy the progress the President had been making. They had some success at obstruction but President Obama continued to move the country forward even in the face of this increased obstruction.  

This continued state of affairs only served to further enrage the GOP and it's supporters. I recently heard a couple different GOP operatives say that in spite of the fact that the GOP voters had sent many people to keep this President from accomplishing anything he had been able to be extremely successful at accomplishing things and now the GOP and it's followers are angry because this is not what they sent their people to Washington to do.

The GOP understood that they were a shrinking party and that if they wanted to survive they were going to have to find a way to reach out to groups of people who they had not appealed to in the past. This put them in a bind because not only are there policies unappealing to the groups of people they wanted to reach but if they altered their platform they would make the current members of the party very angry. Also in continuing to try to destroy President Obama they inevitably would be continuing to alienate the very people they were hoping to attract.

All of this set the stage for Donald Trump. He saw his opportunity and he took it. The GOP wanted to pretend it was one thing while being another. It wanted to hide what it was. It wanted to pretend that it wasn't about white male dominance but along comes Donald Trump who beat them at their own game. He didn't hide and he didn't pretend. He took each one of them down and not only did he dominate all of his opponents he has also now dominated the party. He has broken all the rules and his supporters adore him for all of this because he gives them hope that because of Donald Trump's display of dominance that they have not lost their dominance. 

As ugly as all of this appears to be there is reason for hope.

There are vermin that hide and thrive in the shadows and in the darkness. When you shine a light on them they scurry around looking for a dark place to hide. When the light shines strongly enough there is no place to hide. The vermin are then likely to strike out in an attempt at self-preservation.

What we are seeing is resistance to change but change is inevitable and evolution is the way of life. In President Obama, Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP along with all of the rest that are resisting change have more than met their match. President Obama has been extremely successful in not only moving us forward in his policies but he has also been moving us away from the idea that one person or a group of people has the right to dominate another person or group of people. President Obama has drawn a clear contrast and this clear contrast is giving us the opportunity to choose. Those who are resisting change are simply on the wrong side of history.  

The election of President Obama unleashed the beast but the beast is not new, the beast has been lurking in the shadows and now it has been exposed to the light. The beast cannot survive the light because it can only thrive in the shadows and the darkness. The election of President Obama has unleashed the beast but President Obama is simply the superior being and he is on the right side of history. He has been shining the light on the beast and in doing so he is slaying the beast and if you want to slay the beast then first it needs to rise to the surface so it can be seen for what it is and that is what is taking place. The beast has come to the surface and out of the shadows in an attempt to stop change but the reality is that by coming to the surface it is enabling the change that is necessary in order for humanity to evolve.

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