Panic!! (Or not.)

Quinnipiac shows Hillary Clinton only two points ahead of Donald Trump!!

Rasumussen today shows Trump ahead of Clinton by 4 points!!!


Or, you know, not. Q and Rasmussen are notoriously, how shall I say, unreliable. And with every other major poll showing Sec. Clinton with a healthy lead, one can assume that these latest polls are outliers.

This is the difficulty of living by the poll and dying by the poll. Polls are as much conducted to drive a narrative as to provide a semi-accurate snapshot of public opinion. (And Rasmussen's demographics are, shall we say, silly.)

Most polling shows Sec. Clinton with a healthy lead. These two latest polls can be assumed to be outliers. But even so, work as if the polls showing her with smashing leads are the outliers. Take nothing for granted. Don't think that anything is a given.

To paraphrase Pres. Obama: Don't panic, vote!

This is your semi-open thread.

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