Hillary Clinton , by Gage Skidmore, licensed under    CC BY-SA 2.0

Hillary Clinton, by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

It is easy to see that many people are looking for change. What the essence and nature of the change that people say they are looking for is not the same for everyone. 

It's clear there is a need for change. If we continue on the same path we will make the planet uninhabitable for humanity. If we continue to live in conflict we will destroy ourselves through war. So it is clear there is a necessity for a change of direction. Otherwise we are certainly headed towards self destruction. 

Since these realities are uncomfortable it is clear that there is a lack of ease and a great deal of unrest. In a time discomfort it can be easy for some to take advantage of this unrest and to turn this time of unrest into a time of chaos. Enter Donald Trump. He has been using this time of unrest to stir people's fears.

Times when great change is needed can be disorienting and people who want to utilize that disorientation for their own glory can find it to be an easy time to push people who are already off balanced into the abyss. People can then begin to see throwing things into chaos as a solution that will sooth their discomfort and discomfort is likely in a time of big change as it tends to push people out of complacency.  The direction in which people can become activated may certainly be as a consequence of the chaos that they may have internalized. We can see the evidence of this in the Brexit vote where many people came to their senses immediately after their vote.   

People like Donald Trump want to create chaos. They want to instill fear. They appeal to the worst in humanity and therefore they offer nothing to address the real needs of real people. 

When great change is needed and people are feeling the discomfort of the unknown that is looming it isn't a increase in chaos that is needed. What is needed is stability. Stability is different from the status quo. The status quo means that things seem static and unchanging. Change is inevitable as life is always in flux. There are times when it is clear that the consequences of our past actions bring us to a point were we can no longer avoid facing the necessity for a change in direction away from the wrong headed beliefs and actions of the past. 

We are in a presidential cycle and we have a choice between someone who feeds on chaos and someone who understands the need for stability. We have already rejected Bernie Sanders who also encouraged chaos. Hillary Clinton has made it clear that she is aware of the necessity for change and she has also shown that she understands that change needs to take place in the most stable way possible. Chaos causes harm. Creating as much stability in the face of change provides an environment in which there is the least likelihood to cause damage in the face of change. 

Some people are reactive and some people are responsive. People who are reactive are easy prey for those who thrive on chaos. People who are responsive have the capacity to apply logic and reason. They are capable of assessing if something makes sense.  While it is clear that we are going through a time when there is a necessity for great change it only makes sense that we need leadership that would work to insure the greatest amount of stability so that we can weather this change with the least amount of damage. Stability isn't sexy. Chaos can seem inviting if you are looking for a cheep thrill but to any person who is using the capacity of reason it is clear that we need stability. 

Trump uses division to create chaos. Unity is the antidote. It is vitally important that we unify in a big way behind Hillary Clinton in order to send a message that we are rejecting chaos and division and so that we give her the biggest mandate to weather this time of change in the most stabling way possible.

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