A Bernie Friendly Map Delivers a Good Night for Hillary

Both Democratic candidates won the states they were expected to tonight. Bernie Sanders won two caucus states with white Democratic electorates tonight: Kansas by a better than 2-to-1 margin of 68-32, and Nebraska by a smaller but healthy 56-44 margin. But the night's biggest delegate prize, Louisiana - the night's only primary - went to Hillary Clinton due her massive advantage among black voters, where she beat Sanders 71-23, a better than 3-to-1 margin.

As a result, the night's delegate count - pledged delegate count - tipped in favor of Clinton 60-49. Here's how that went down:

Sanders won 23 delegates in Kansas to Clinton’s 10. He won — preliminarily — 14 delegates in Nebraska to Clinton’s 11. That’s a margin of 16 delegates.

In losing Louisiana, however, Sanders only claimed 12 delegates to Clinton’s 39.

Combine the three states, and Clinton gained 11 delegates on Sanders.
— FiveThirtyEight

This adds to Clinton's Super Tuesday lead, and puts her at a 201-pledged delegate advantage over Bernie Sanders. That's a better lead that then-Sen. Barack Obama ever enjoyed over Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Tonight was as friendly a map as Sanders is going to get in a while, and Bernie Sanders lost the delegate race yet again, giving Hillary Clinton her best delegate advantage yet. Bernie can drag the primary out, but his chances of winning are increasingly dim, if not entirely negligible. After the contests next week and March 15 primaries, the math will become even more impossible.

It's time Bernie Sanders - and his supporters - began to look ahead to the general election, and unite the Democratic party and independent voters behind the likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

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