Hillary's Clean Sweep: Numbers and Takeaways from the March 15 #SuperTuesday Primary

Hillary's Clean Sweep: Numbers and Takeaways from the March 15 #SuperTuesday Primary

Hillary Clinton ran the table last night, outperforming even the wildest dreams of her supporters (but you better not believe that's any reason to get complacent). She won all five states: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri. Florida was a super blowout where Clinton won 65-33% over Sanders. Clinton also won North Carolina comfortably, by 14 points (55-41) over Sanders. The most pleasant surprise of the night, however, was her large victory in Ohio, where she also won by 14 points, 57-43, and that is after the media and the Sanders campaign telegraphing they would pull another Michigan there.

Hillary Clinton won Illinois and Missouri, but by much narrower 50-49 margins.

Here's how the popular vote and pledged delegate totals turned out. Clinton now has a 320 delegate lead (numbers preliminary).

Demographics are Destiny

Looking at exit polling data from NBC News, Hillary Clinton won the women vote by double digits everywhere, and by near 2:1 or better margins in North Carolina (60-36), Ohio (63-36), and Florida (68-30). Sanders won the male vote everywhere except NC and FL, but by much smaller margins.

Clinton continued her dominance among African American voters, routing Sanders by 80-20 margins in North Carolina and Florida, and by roughly 70-30 margins in the rest of the states. The only state where Latinos made up a double digit percentage of the voting population, Florida, Clinton overwhelmed Sanders among Latinos by a 72-28 margin. I guess that bromance with Fidel didn't work out too great for Bernie. Hillary Clinton also won the white vote in Ohio and Florida.

Other Takeaways

Bernie's tradephobia failed to pay off in Ohio. People of color tend to be less afraid of trade (since we lack the essential bugaboo fear of losing our jobs to other black and brown people), and in Ohio, they came out to vote. Technically Hillary Clinton is also opposed to the TPP (I disagree), but she's not making it a campaign issue, Bernie Sanders is.

Bernie remains a massive failure when it comes to winning the most important demographics for a Democratic candidate for president: people of color and women.

Sanders outspent Clinton on the airwaves, but the Clinton campaign, coming off a surprise narrow loss in Michigan, got off their butts and out-organized the hell out of Bernie. Let's never get complacent like that again.

Vetting Bernie - a job the media is determined not to do - by us and others across the web seems to be paying off. Hillary's big win among Latinos, Democratic voters and women comes on the heels of viral pieces on Bernie and Fidel's bromance, Bernie's appeal to unchecked anger, a brilliant commentary on trustworthiness of the candidates and facts on the Wall Street talk against Clinton, and exposes on Bernie's campaign money. We (and others) have vetted him for months, and it may be starting to pay off. This is not to claim credit for TPV, immensely proud as I am of this place - this is to show that the media adulation of Bernie is not the last word on him.

Finally, last night essentially ended Sanders' plausibility to the nomination, although the Sanders campaign seems to be suddenly developing an affinity for all those terrible horrible undemocratic superdelegates. Sanders is not likely to just go away though, so TPV will both be continuing to vet Sen. Sanders and paying attention to the general election match up.

I think that's all for March 15 recap. Thanks to the TPV community for making this place grow and having 2 threads last night at 1K comments each. Jesus you people are crazy.

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