#SuperTuesday Open Thread

Democratic Super Tuesday Map.

Democratic Super Tuesday Map.

Time to talk about the results of Open Tuesday!

6 pm Pacific Update: Clinton has won Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas (by a margin of 2:1 or better so far),  Sanders has taken Vermont, according to projections.

6:20 update: Bernie wins OK, entirely on the strength of the white vote (74% of electorate in OK Dem primary), losing the black vote there 75-22.

8:15 update: Bernie wins college caucus state of CO, ahead in MN. Hillary Clinton beats Bernie in Massachusetts, a white liberal state neighboring Vermont he was widely expected to win.

Delegate haul from the night: Hillary Clinton: 347 (total 438 pledged delegates), Bernie Sanders: 156 (total 221 pledged delegates). Clinton's near-200 delegate margin from tonight is largely due to her relatively huge margins and Bernie's relatively narrower margins. So Clinton will rack up significant amount of delegates even in states she lost (other than Vermont) while Sanders will rack up very few in her states. NYTimes has numbers and they will change a bit throughout the night.

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