President Obama is Rocking It: Records Set on Jobs and Health Care

President Obama is Rocking It: Records Set on Jobs and Health Care

President Obama may be in the last year of his presidency, but he and his administration are still rocking it. Today we have two huge victories:

Unemployment Falls to 4.9%

With jobs numbers out today, 158,000 new private sector jobs were added in January, bringing the total in the Obama recovery to 14 million and dropping the unemployment rate to 4.9%. It's the first time the unemployment rate has fallen below 5% since February of 2008. Incomes rose at the fastest pace in the last six months (annualized 2.9%) since the start of the recovery, as the longest stretch of private sector job growth in US history continued.

Now as you read that, remember that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had promised to lower unemployment to 6%, by NEXT year (end of what would - what a scary thought - be their first term).

Obamacare Exchanges Enroll 12.7 Million

CMS reported yesterday that at the close of open enrollment on January 31, federal and state ACA exchanges enrolled 12.7 million people, with 9.1 million coming from federal exchanges. That slightly beats out the 12 million number from last year, making this year a new record. 4 million of this year's federal enrollees were new to the exchanges. These numbers do not include basic health plan enrollees in New York and Minnesota totaling about 450,000. Before the start of the 2015-16 open enrollment period, 18 million Americans had gained coverage since the end of 2013, the opening of the first enrollment period. That accounted for a 90% insured rate, which likely has increased with the additional enrollments this year.

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