Revolution or Evolution?

Editor's Note: I am so sorry I had forgotten to pull Nancy's name as the author when I published. This is Nancy's piece, not mine!

During this election cycle there are ideas coming from Donald Trump and the rest of the candidates on the right about making America great again and taking our country back. On the left Bernie Sanders is calling for a revolution against the establishment. Both the ideas coming from the right and the ideas coming from Sanders are ideas that are seeded in antagonism. One thing is being pitted against another.

In the case of Trump and the rest of the nominees on the right what they are against is change and diversity. They want to put a stop to a changing world that from their perspective threatens to take away their power and control. There is an underlying call for a kind of purity at the root of what they are calling for.

Sanders would want to take down the established power. He is constantly demonizing groups of people that he believes hold the money and power and he wants to see them taken down. He would want to find a way to take things from certain people and give them to others. Sanders also attempts to portray a kind of purity. .

On one side there are people who don't want to give up power and on the other side there is a person who wants to take power away. Both of these sides are polarizing. Each of these sides are polarized against the other. When you have a situation which is polarized it either becomes stuck in place or it perpetually swings back and forth. It has nowhere to go. It creates a condition in which there can never be any real solution. It becomes a state of perpetual war in which things get torn down and if any rebuilding is allowed to happen what is rebuilt will eventually be torn down again.

In his speech given recently in Illinois President Obama spoke of this condition saying that we can't keep jumping from one extreme to another out of dissatisfaction with the speed of progress. He stated that this would only continue to cause division and it would keep us from being able to address the problems of the day. It is clear that neither the right or Bernie Sanders on the left have presented a way forward.

When President Obama first began running for president there were reports about how he conducted his campaign. He would surround himself with a variety of people and ask each person to have their say. After listening to the concerns of everyone in the room he would make a decision. People around the president say that this is how he continues to run his presidency. This way of functioning is inclusive. It considers the concerns of a wide of range of people. 

President Obama understands that here can be no workable solution if that solution cuts people or groups of people out of the process. If groups of people are left out then the solution will not hold. President Obama has often said that he is the President of all Americans and that means not exclusively of the left and not excluding the right or the bankers or Wall Street or the corporations or anyone else. Solutions to problems must be inclusive otherwise it will not be holistic which will cause a reaction that reaction will undo the progress that has been made.

The reaction to the man who is Barack Obama and to his way of governing has caused a large amount of people on both the right and the left to prefer to revolt rather than evolve. The way of governing that President Obama has presented brought out the juvenile childish behavior of people who don't want to grow up and take responsibility for themselves or in their place in a community with others. They are acting out and making a lot of noise because they are having to accept that the world does not revolve around them. They are acting in an uncivilized manor.

In the image at the top of the page you do not see a group of satisfied bloodthirsty barbarians gloating about having won the revolution. It is a scene of beauty, serenity and grace. It is a scene filled with the richness of diversity and hope and that hope is built on the idea of inclusiveness and what can be accomplished if we join together instead of what would be destroyed by attempting to rip us apart. We are facing a clear decision point. Do we want to continue building on an idea that has the potential to evolve or do we want to go backwards and fall under the belief that we can somehow benefit from engaging in some sort of revolution that will clearly be nothing but a dead end. Revolution or evolution. The choice is up to us.

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