Friday Happy Hour: A Little Violin Dedicated to The Banned

Welcome to the first Friday TPV happy hour, where we celebrate violating the first amendment rights of our trolls to piss anywhere they damn well please. Here's a sampling of love letters to TPV. Do you have your shotglasses ready?

That Two-Faced Bitch

I’ve never had as valid of a reason as I do now, of getting pissed off at a Web site. So, bet your ass, you’re going to see alot more shit hitting the fan due to this.

BTW - That two-faced bitch of a candidate you call Clinton, can go fuck herself (since her husband apparently won’t).

Also, dude saved his deleted comment on his computer. I'm trembling.

Worse than FUCKS NEWS!

Never have a seen a site so biased. This ridiculous excuse for a journalistic site is no better than FUCKS NEWS. I posted a very rational and reasoned argument for Bernie over Hillary and was banned. I didn’t use profanity towards anyone or even attack anyone. I’ve got a feeling it’s funded by Hillary’s super pac.

No profanity there. Oh, and TPV is not a "journalistic site..." We are an analytical site, and we are a sanctuary for pragmatists.

Dear Trevor, Please Present Yourself for Punishment

Trevor LaFauci what is wrong with you? Are you blind? Do you not have the ability to rationally understand? Your arguments supporting Hillary are absurd. She is a criminal being protected by the current Democrat Administration.

This email also included a varitable 'Y U NO SAY BENGHAZIIII', and... White Water. Yeah, I think that one is from a wingnut.

Waste of Internet Space

Subject: banning my posts

Message: I find your website a waste of internet space when you can’t respond to my inquiry...

I'm writing that down. Must. Respond. To. Every. Single. WHY U BAN ME. Inquiry.


...your support of Hillary proves you’re clearly not progressive. And your banning of me clearly proves you are neither participatory nor open. Best of luck to you though. It must be difficult getting through life with the intellect of a small rodent.


Congress Shall Make No Law.


gUESS so.


You are so full of crap! And, you pretend to be liberal? LOLOLOLOL. . .

I'm certainly laughing. On the inside.

Drink responsibly, folks.

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