Bernie's Halo Still Failing to Impress People of Color

A Bernie Sanders supporter yells at members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

A Bernie Sanders supporter yells at members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Wednesday, Bernie Sanders met with the Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem. Apparently, that did not go well. According to Sharpton, Sanders failed to address the impact of racism even within the context of his core campaign issue, income inequality.

One of the things that I was saying to Senator Sanders is saying that you’ve got to deal with income inequality and wages is fine, but what about the race element of that?” Sharpton said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“He did not address that directly,” the reverend added. “That’s what I was pressing him on.”

“Are you going to talk about affirmative action? Are you going to talk about racial disparities in terms of promotions and access to capital?”

Then, the Congressional Black Caucus, through their political arm, the Congressional Black Caucus PAC, endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. As Donald Trump would say, that was YUUUUGE. Because outside of President Obama, there isn't a bigger African American endorsement to land that that of the Congressional Black Caucus. Sanders' supporters immediately started groaning that it was an endorsement by the CBC's political arm (ohhh!) and not an official resolution written on a Congressional letterhead, but that didn't help Bernie gain any new black friends.

Neither did this.

And then, all hell broke loose. Rabid Bernie fans aimed their fire squarely at a man whose name is synonymous with the Civil Rights movement, John Lewis. They chimed in with polite messages like this:

That will definitely make John Lewis and the CBC regret not going with Bernie.

It didn't end there. Among a list of Latino endorsers Bernie's campaign is set to unveil tomorrow is at least one student leader who wants no part of it.

Brenda Romero, a Nevada student leader and DREAMer that Bernie Sanders’ campaign touted as someone who endorsed their campaign, tells CNN she never endorsed the Vermont senator and is backing Hillary Clinton.

First the nasty attacks on a leader among Nevada DREAMers by a Sanders campaign operative, and now this. If this is "outreach", I would like to see what a repellent looks like.

Then there was that thing he did in the debate in Wisconsin where he said he'd "absolutely" be better at improving race relations than President Obama. Because, you know, what does the first black President of the United States who won two presidential elections with stunning margins among people of color know about race?

Yesterday was a disaster for Sanders' appeal to communities of color. Evidently, boiling everything down to one issue (income inequality) and then refusing to address the deeply rooted racism even within that issue while effectively telling black and brown voters that we just can't see his halo yet is not working out so well.

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