What's Truly At Stake in This Election

What's Truly At Stake in This Election


Vote like your life depends on it. 

No, really. Your life actually depends on you voting. 

Should Donald Trump win, senior citizens would lose their social security to a voucher program, they would see an increase in the cost of prescription drugs, and they would see additional cuts to Medicare.  

Should Donald Trump win, there will be no further discussion about affordable college or student loan reform. Students will continue to be burdened by mountains of debt and there will be no national dialogue about increasing the minimum wage or to help put a system in place to make community college free for all students. 

Should Donald Trump win, the LGBT community would lose all the rights it has fought to hard to win. This includes legal rights for partners who would then be unable to make life or death healthcare decisions for their significant other in their time of need. 

Should Donald Trump win, the immigrant communities of this country would be torn apart. Not only would children be abandoned by this proposed large-scale deportation force but parents would be exiled over the border to a country as unfamiliar to them as you and I. 

Should Donald Trump win, our country would close its borders to Syrian and Iraqi refugees, the overwhelming majority of which are women and children. Rather than having Lady Liberty open her arms to these people in their time of need they would be forced to stay in refugee camps in a constant state of limbo while our country turns a blind eye to the worse refugee crisis in over half a century.  

Should Donald Trump win, the White nationalist movement would feel vindicated in support of their candidate. They would feel empowered to speak out against people of color, to demean and denigrate them and their experience. The Black Lives Matter Movement would be branded a terrorist organization and the systemic issues of racism in our policing, education, and housing systems would be ignored and dismissed as nonsense.  

Should Donald Trump win, it would become acceptable to view and treat women as objects. A woman would lose the right to make her own healthcare decisions. Doctors would be punished for simply doing their job. Health service providers would be targeted to providing services for women, many from low income backgrounds.

Should Donald Trump win, our young men and women will be thrust into an endless military quagmire caused by the inevitable insult of some foreign leader who simply wouldn't give in to The Donald and his incessant demands. Throughout history, wars have been caused by the most miniscule of disagreements. Up until now, a war has never been caused by a Tweet. Leave it to Donald Trump to change that.  

Should Donald Trump win, 20 million Americans will lose their health care. Children will be unable to stay on their parents' health plan until age 26. Those with preexisting conditions will once again be openly denied medical coverage. Health care will once again return to the way it was and our uninsured rate will recede from our current record level of achieving 91% coverage for all our citizens.  

And should Donald Trump win, then President Barack Obama's legacy will be thoroughly destroyed. We will revert to the same economic policies that caused the Great Recession. We will have a president who has open hostility toward the media and will dictate who can cover him and when. Obamacare gone. The Iran deal gone. The end of the Cuban embargo gone. Any hope of ending Citizens United gone. The restoration of the Voting Rights Act gone. America's reputation as a beacon of hope and freedom will be forever tarnished with the election of a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic failed businessman who has never been told no in his entire life. 

So if you're not a senior, student, member of the LGBT community, immigrant, refugee, person of color, woman, person with health insurance, person of military age, or supporter of President Obama the by all means feel free to cast your vote for Donald Trump. But if you are one of those people or even if you know one of those people then think long and hard about the decision you're making on November 8th. Elections have consequences and there has never been a more consequential election in our nation's history than the one we are currently having. Remember all this when you go the polls on November 8th and complete your ballot in the privacy of the voting booth. 

And know that your vote matters for a whole lot of people. 

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