Just when you think things couldn't get more ridiculous

The above is a real tweet by GOP frontrunner and favorite Donald J. Trump.

Il Douche seems to have a problem with geography. First, his first major campaign ad substituted Morocco for Mexico. And now he thinks that Germany's occupation of France from World War II is still in effect.

On the one hand this is farcical. Il Douche is trying to prove the aphorism that eventually Americans will elect a President as stupid as they are. But, of course, in this case farce can easily transmute into tragedy.

Barack Obama has been the most significant president in American history. He has not only saved the economy, brought healthcare to millions, restored US prestige across the globe, and solved several intractable diplomatic issues, but, by the mere fact of being black, has undone the opposition party. Although the GOP hates the Clintons as well, I don't think President Hillary Clinton elected and re-elected in 2008 and 2012 would have made the GOP go as apeshit as Barack Hussein Obama.

For example, this is what Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had to say in 2013 as a just-failed vice presidential candidate:

"I think we need to find out how to close these loopholes and do it in such a way that we don't infringe upon people's Second Amendment rights," he said in an interview with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

"We had this issue, 2001, 1999 I think … when I first got into Congress," Ryan continued. "At the time I remember thinking, 'You know, there is a loophole here. We should address that.'"

This week saw President Obama unveil executive actions which would, in part, close those loopholes. What's Mr. Ryan's position now?

One must admire Pres. Obama's Jedi Mind Meld skills. Obamacare is in large part based on Republican ideas. (Granted, made stronger by a Democratic president.) But have them be put forth by a black man who shouldn't have won election, and it's the UK's National Health Service on steroids. Likewise, his executive orders on gun safety are merely enforcing existing law, which Mr. Ryan seemed to support before the man who waxed him in 2012 acted on them.

So it's no surprise that a party and movement which have been habitually bested by Pres. Obama have gone so far over the edge that they've disappeared past the horizon. The place on the political map which Republicans now occupy should have the caption "Here be monsters." It is, indeed, terra incognita, a country which no major US political party has ever visited, one where outright fascism might still be insufficiently radical.

Of course, Il Douche is merely making public that on which the GOP has run ever since 1968. There is something to be said for manners of using coded language, but it's also bracing and instructive for a large segment of the American electorate to have those blinders removed. Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters can have no illusions in 2016 as to what a GOP victory, with Il Douche at the helm, would mean. No "compassionate conservatism" or "one thousand points of light" this time. These are the days of the straight arm salute.

So to those who still cling to "no difference" between Republicans and Democrats, I suggest that you use your $700 smart phone for something other than posting naked selfies and actually do some research. This isn't even George W. Bush's GOP, which was nigh on intolerable. If First Lady Melania Trump, and Il Douche slagging foreign leaders on Twitter while in the Oval Office aren't sufficient to get you to care, well, the Republic was a nice idea while it lasted.

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