Open thread - Will no one rid me of these bothersome Republicans?

You've got to hand it to Il Douche. He wasn't far off when he opined that he could start shooting random people in the middle of 5th Av and it wouldn't hurt his numbers one bit, and might actually make them go up.

If you seriously thought that boycotting the last debate before Iowa due to his bete noire Megyn Kelly being the moderator would hurt him with his followers, you really weren't paying attention. Il Douche has taken resentment politics to an artistic height heretofore unseen in American history. He feeds on the resentment, the animus, the utter frustration of his minions. And in him they see their savior, the guy who FINALLY GETS THEM.

(As an aside, I had to kick out a homeless man from the library today. He looked at me suspiciously and asked "Where are you from?" Another satisfied Trump voter, I wager.)

Reince Priebus can put out all the laughable alpha-male tweets he wants to. The fact is that he's nothing but Il Douche's poodle, as evidenced by the fact that GOP candidates are bidding MILLIONS (to charity, of course, ahem) to debate on a stage with Trump. The GOP is dead, it just doesn't know it.

I won't be watching the debate, per my habit. But for all you lovelies, here's your open thread.

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