#BlackLivesMatter Moms Endorse Hillary: "A Mother... Who Truly Heard Me and Understood the Depth of My Loss"

#BlackLivesMatter Moms Endorse Hillary: "A Mother... Who Truly Heard Me and Understood the Depth of My Loss"

That's what Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, wrote in a CNN op-ed last week endorsing Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president.

In spending some time with her in person, I also found a mother and a grandmother who truly heard me, and understood the depth of my loss. [...]

She sees what I see: a criminal justice system that is not always just. A system that has contributed to creating a reality where just selling cigarettes, playing loud music, looking at a cop the wrong way or walking home from the store are now activities that can get you killed.

These are words that remind us that the cause of gun violence, the cause of criminal justice - the cause of justice itself - must be as passionately personal as it is focused on public policy.

Fulton went on to name the other moms who lost their children and noted the need for a president who has shown a lifelong commitment to guns safety, and one who can be relied upon to support and expand on President Obama's executive actions.

Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis, who was killed in Florida for playing loud music echoed those words in her own endorsement of Clinton today on BET.

It’s been three years now since Jordan was killed – but as his mother, the pain never subsides. And sadly, I’m far from the only mom feeling it...

And in that election, as President Obama said, we should only support candidates who have a record of standing for common-sense gun laws.

That’s why my choice for president is clear: I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.

She's right. There is only one credible candidate in the entire race who has shown the capacity to both address America's racially based criminal injustice and stand up to the gun lobby and fight for the gun reforms so badly needed, and her name is Hillary Clinton. Republicans won't do it, and neither will Bernie Sanders.

It should be appalling that Democrats are even considering a candidate who voted against the Brady bill, the most comprehensive gun safety legislation to date, voted to immunize gun manufacturers, and even voted to protect gun-touting vigilante border thugs. It should be embarrassing that Democrats are considering a candidate who refuses to view racial injustice without the prism of economic issues.

So it shouldn't surprise anyone that McBath not only takes Sanders to task on gun violence but issues a warning that the movement to do something about it is growing and hitting critical mass.

[W]hile my personal endorsement comes as the mother of a son killed by gun violence, I also know through my work in gun violence prevention, that there is a real, growing movement of Americans who stand as the counterweight to the gun lobby. And I know that where the candidates stand on guns will be a determining factor for voters in this election – we are making it so.

I don't think there's much I can add to the words of these mothers who have taken the agony of losing a piece of their heart - their children - and turned it into a voice raised in support of action. But I will say this: these are words that should pull at the heart-string of every American and make us consider just what statements we are going to be making with our votes.

Will we stand up against racial injustice as a curse on American society in and of itself or will we relegate it to an ancillary concern to come secondary to (or even a small part of) economic fairness? Will we care enough about guns in the wrong hands to make every politician who ever voted to protect the gun lobby pay the price, or will we be fooled by an election year conversion?

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