#IranDeal Implementation Day Open Thread: Giving Peace a Chance

President Obama delivers a statement in the Cabinet Room on the impact of U.S. leadership in Iran. January 17, 2016.

This morning, President Obama spoke from the White House about the success of the Iran Deal. International inspectors form the IAEA have verified Iran's compliance and the following steps:

- Shipped 25,000 pounds of enriched uranium out of the country
- Dismantled and removed two-thirds of its centrifuges
- Removed the calandria from its heavy water reactor and filled it with concrete
- Provided unprecedented access to its nuclear facilities and supply chain

As a result of Iran's compliance, the United States and the international community will begin lifting nuclear-related sanctions.

Along with that, in a show of apparent thawing of diplomatic relations, the president noted, Iran has released long term American political prisoners, and his administration secured the release of American sailors who were detained in Iranian waters within 24 hours (that is, in the world of international diplomacy, lightening speed).

Every person running for president (well, with the current Republican field exempted) promises to diplomacy a chance. Every candidate that ever ran has used the rhetoric of the power of the American ideal and fearless dialogue with our adversaries. But very, very few presidents have ever delivered on such promise. Some never intended to back up the promise, others cowered from fear of political howler monkeys.

This president is different. He has proven to the world that America, the strongest nation on earth, is not a bully, that we were willing to be fair, that the nation in command of the most powerful fighting force in the history of mankind needed to reclaim its moral leadership by never fearing to extend the hand of peace and diplomacy to resolve conflict.

Barack Obama has proven that his preference to spare military conflict is not merely a campaign promise. From armed conflict in Libya to disarming of Syria without firing a single American bullet, from laser focused special forces action to kill bin Laden to building Israel's defensive iron dome, from conflict to climate change, this president has proven that America is the one indispensable nation not because we have the biggest guns, but because in a turbulent world growing closer by the minute, he remains the one leader who can bring together global powers for the resolution of big problems.

Thank you, Mr. President, for giving peace a chance, and I for one am so glad that you are not done yet.

This is your open thread on President Obama's global impact and diplomacy.

PS. Oh, and happy birthday to FLOTUS!

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