The SOTU Address; The Fulfillment of Hope and Change

In the SOTU address President Obama laid out where we were when he began his presidency, where we are today and what we need to do going forward. He articulated the tremendous progress we have made and how the work is not yet done. He took a lot of time to honor the strength, resilience, capacity and greatness of this country. I experienced it as an optimistic and uplifting message.

When President Obama speaks it is not linear, it is dynamic. He intends and invests a lot of meaning in everything he says. The majority of the right wing of this country has been compelled since day one to negate and destroy everything the President says and everything he does. President Obama has always conveyed a message of hope. In reaction to that the regressive and destructive voices on the right have been painting themselves into a corner with their rhetoric. They want to push us towards war. They want to gut everything that is for the greater good. They have no concern for people who are struggling due to an unjust system. They would double down and make it worse. They are invested in a void of hope. By the President presenting a message of hope the right wing has reacted to that and now they have nothing left but negativity.

People in this country have shown that they prefer hope. It has been said that Reagan won because he presented a message of hope. Of course his message was an act and he is a major contributor to the condition in which we find this country today but the point is that people prefer hope. The reaction that the right has had to President Obama has caused them to endorse policies that have nothing to offer a changing world. They have nothing but negativity. They are no longer able to muster up even the illusion of hope.  

The President has always applied the ideas of hope and change to the realities of the day. He starts in the realty that exists with the intention of finding solutions that are in keeping with hope and change. Because the right is in reaction it has caused them to move further and further away from reality making it clear that the ideas they endorse are in fact divorced from reality. This is one of many things the SOTU address helped to accomplish.

I always enjoy watching President Obama enter and leave the event. It fills me with pride and gratitude but I had to turn off the volume so as not to hear the talking heads. They live in a completely different sense of reality than I do and I didn't want to have the moment tainted by the ignorance of their words. I decided to change the station to PBS where I heard David Brooks make a statement saying something like "President Obama doesn't really have many accomplishments that he can claim as president." I turned off the TV at that moment.

The next day I heard all sorts of ridiculous statements about the address. There was something I was beginning to see repeated a number of times in different forms. I was hearing pundits say that people were tired of the Professor in Chief. I heard a man who called in to a radio talk show on NPR say that he was tired of being lectured to. The fact that people perceive the President in this way is mind boggling to me. I see the President as articulate and enlightening. This is exactly what I would want to see in a president. This is a quality that I revere in this President. It is clear to me that what this shows is that people don't want to be informed or aware. They prefer to remain ignorant and the reason they prefer to remain ignorant is because they want to continue to behave like petulant self centered children. We see this as having almost consumed those on the right and it has infested the left as well.

From my perspective during the whole of his presidency and in the SOTU address the President has been explaining to us and showing us the need to evolve. The problems of today require that. We can no longer afford to remain complacent. We can no longer afford to pretend that realities do not exist. President Obama stated during his speech that his greatest regret is that he has been unable to change the divide that exists in the government. Some people say he caused that divide and others say that he exposed the divide that always existed. From my perspective he has not only exposed the divide but he he is also serving to heal that divide by helping the the reactionary forces in this country and in the world to self destruct.

The presidency of Barack Obama lit a fire underneath the destructive, regressive and juvenile forces in this country but he also lit a fire of hope in the hearts of millions of people in this country and around the world. For me the President's SOFU address was powerful, meaningful and important. All of the hollering and screeching voices of other people can not change that reality. I see President Obama as brilliant and highly evolved. He has set on the task of helping the people of this country to grow up and therefore to evolve which is absolutely necessary for us to do if we are going to address the real problems that exist that must be addressed. As President Obama says, we have the capacity to rise to the level needed to solve the problems of today if we take up the challenge.

In spite of what we see today with everything the President says and does being reacted to and twisted in the most absurd ways with people like David Brooks who are desperate to deny the reality of what is in fact taking place, I think in short order we will begin to see people combing over the words and actions of President Obama in order to glean every treasure of what he has brought to this country and to the world. For me the SOTU address confirmed the fulfillment of hope and change. The fire that President Obama has lit in my heart has changed me for ever and for the better and I have a great deal of certainty that fire will to continue to spread.

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