Today's Republican Party, in Two Stories

Today's Republican Party, in Two Stories

I read two stories today that better encapsulate the state of the Republican Party than any I've seen before.

The first is a piece of RW fanfic written from an alternative universe where the GOP is the rightful owner of government, and any elected Democrat is an aberration that must be endured until s/he can be driven from office.

The second is a news story that has nothing to do with politics, but describes the reality which those who console themselves with the first story deny.

The First Story

Our first story is brought to you by Byron York, he of the Washington Examiner and sometimes Fox News. He told it via a series of tweets, which I have embedded here.

Got that? The ability of a president to rally his colleagues in Congress is a serious flaw in our democracy (at least now that a Democrat is POTUS). And since those evil Democrats always vote in a unified block on every issue (HAHAHAHAhaha... oh wait, you're serious), it makes the Republicans unable to stop the evil usurper from carrying out his agenda (that a majority of American voters elected him to enact).

Thus, John Boehner and the rest of GOP Congressional leadership have been unfairly stymied by cunning Democrats (who have super secret powers like the ability to count votes before calling legislation to the floor), which is why Boehner was forced to resign.

And those Democrats are going to rue the day when the GOP rightfully takes back the presidency (with Rick Perry Scott Walker Ted Cruz Marco Rubio the magnificent Republican to be named later who isn't Donald Trump). They'll rue the day, I say! Because then the GOP will be forced, forced for the first time ever to use their power to override the will of the Democrats (and the majority of Americans who agree with them).

This is the story Republicans tell themselves to feel better. A better, and simpler, explanation for what has transpired since January 21, 2009 can be found in the second story.


The Second Story

The second story is the perfect metaphor for what has actually been happening in Washington DC since Barack Obama was elected president. The wondrous TBogg (aka Tom Boggioni) summarizes this unintentionally hilarious event perfectly at The Raw Story.

A South Dakota man is currently in custody after telling police officers he was shot in the penis by a “black guy” when he actually shot himself while attempting to purchase a gun illegally, reports the Argus Leader.

Since 2009, an incompetent GOP has been relentlessly shooting itself in the dick, and blaming it on President Obama. McConnell, Boehner, et al, conspired from Day One to totally obstruct anything Obama proposed, in order to make him a one term president. Now we're late in Obama's second amazingly successful term, Boehner threw in the towel rather than be devoured by the mob he created, and McConnell can't be far behind him.

Any questions?

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