Pope Francis, Barack Obama and the Delusional Thinking of the Right and the Left

The visit of Pope Francis and the speech he gave is exposing the delusional and dogmatic thinking of both the right and the left. Some on the left complain that the Pope hasn't done enough or that whatever it is that he has done it's not the right thing. Or they say that he should have been focusing on something else that they perceive to be of greater importance. Others on the left said before Bernie Sanders was a candidate for the president that the Pope was the only person in the world who gave them hope which is of course a kick in the face to President Obama.

The right set up their justification to reject the words and ideas of the Pope in advance of his speech. They decided they didn't have to listen to him if they disagreed with him. They are the ones who tout their religious piety and superiority and then they fail to show any reverence to the head of the Catholic Church, the man who is called the Holy Father. They somehow are able to justify to themselves the trashing of the head of the Catholic Church while openly cheering the head of the state of Israel. One of these men is a messenger of peace and the other is beating the drums of war.

The right goes so far in their need to trash the Pope that they call him a Marxist, a Communist, anti-Capitalist and even go so far as to call him the Antichrist. It should come as no surprise that they say the exact same things about President Obama. Their intention is to destroy anything that threatens them from being the ones who get to define everything in a way that advantages them and keeps them in a position of superiority. They are enraged that these two men are trying to ruin their greed-fest.

It is understandable that they would lump the President and the Pope together. They seem as kindred spirits. They are both transformational figures. They both experience restrictions that make it difficult to initiate change. They both understand that we live in a world of nuance and complexity. They both have to deal with people who think in dogmatic and fundamentalist ways. The speech the Pope gave to congress seemed very much in harmony with many of the speeches President Obama has given. Because they each are trying to uplift humanity and make this a more perfect world those who don't want to see change are compelled to find any tiny flaw in each of them and use that as a justification to deny and negate them and everything they represent.

The Pope is an extremely popular figure. In a sane world the President's approval rating would be skyrocketing.  Both men are working to awaken the conscience of humanity. Both men are messengers of hope who are steadfast in their efforts. Since they are transformational figures they are in fact helping in the transformation of humanity. The fundamentalist thinker might see themselves as being cleaver but they're not. They are living in a make believe world and it's beginning to crumble. They are being exposed. Their beliefs are not built on a solid foundation. These two men are working to construct a new foundation for the benefit for the whole of humanity.

There is a tremendous resistance to change. We are witnessing that. There is a tremendous resistance to evolving but life evolves and we are evolving and the appearance of both the Pope and President Obama are confirmations that this is indeed taking place. The fundamentalist thinkers will continue to lose ground. We will move forward to become a more just world.

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