Speaker John Boehner resigns

House Speaker John Boehner shocked the political world by announcing his resignation from Congress.

In the short term the Very Smart People say this means he can pass a Continuing Resolution with mostly Democratic votes, as he gives the finger to the Brownshirt Caucus.

In the long term? Who will the GOP rally around as Speaker? The fact is, every other House leader is worse than Mr. Boehner ideologically. I joked that I looked forward to Speaker Louie Gohmert. But that's a jest with a barb of truth in it.

Encomiums are pouring in, lamenting that the ideologues got their scalp. Senator Harry Reid called Mr. Boehner a "compromiser". I know there's a lot of back scratching in DC, but this beggars belief. Mr. Boehner was a compromiser only when he had no options left and had to shuffle hat in hand to Nancy Pelosi to prevent the country from imploding. He was, quite frankly, the most incompetent Speaker in modern history. And now his incompetence may usher in a replacement who will give the Right what it wants: full out war against President Obama and Democrats.

Hold on to your hats. As the kids say, shit just got real.

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