The End Times

The idea of the End Times has been in the field of human consciousness for a very long time and there are people who think in fundamentalist ways who believe we are now in the End Times. This believe has created a tremendous amount of tension in the world.

Included in this fundamentalist idea is the necessity of mass destruction. The people who hold this believe are people who seem to have no problem with feeding destruction. They see war as a solution. They have no problem with inequity They seem uncaring for the suffering in the world.

The time in which we have been living and throughout the history of humanity we been defined by an idea based on seeing and believing ourselves to be separate which has laid the groundwork for a world of exploitation. We have lived in a world based on competition, of inferiority and superiority, and of the oppressor and the oppressed all of which are based on seeing ourselves as separate.

It is possible to understand that what is taking place is not about the destruction of humanity but instead the destruction or death of an old idea that humanity has held throughout our history and the beginning or birth of a new idea that is now in it's infancy.

There is evidence that this is taking place. There is a division that we see that is helping to clarify what is real and what is false. The contrast is striking.

The new pope is presenting ideas that have been shunned by his religion. He has been challenging the existing order.

The appearance of Barack Obama on the world stage is evidence as well. He struck a cord with the idea of hope and change. Many people on the right saw this and said that he was trying to fundamentally change this country and in a way they were right. Although he has not been trying to fundamentally change this country what he has been doing is trying to turn the tide by helping to fulfill the promise of this country and that is something the right does not want to see as it would be the death of the old idea based on separation in which they are deeply entrenched.  

The time for change has come. It's not going to be possible to put a new coat of paint on an old idea. It still won't work. It's still unsustainable. It is collapsing. It is in its death throws. It needs to be replaced by a completely new idea and that idea is to begin to understand ourselves as one. Nothing is separate from everything else. We are a deeply interconnected and interwoven system. Nothing can be sustained as separate.

What I have tried to express is that it is possible to understand that we are indeed in the End Times but that the meaning of that is that we are in the death of an old time or idea and at the beginning of a new time or idea. One idea is filled with pain and loss and the other idea is filled with potential, hope and promise.

When you continue to heat water it reaches a point where it becomes vapor. When you continue to chill water it reaches a point where it becomes frozen. It becomes something new. These are tipping points. From my perspective we are at a tipping point. When enough people understand the nature of this tipping point it will be possible to create different structures based on the idea that we are brothers and sisters of one humanity and we will begin to honor each other and the earth. We will begin to create a new and better world.

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