The Attempt To Destroy Hope

Millions of people in this country and around the world experienced a sense of hope as they witnessed the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. The day was crisp with a clear blue sky. The event had a pristine quality. There was a sense of stillness and quietness. It seemed as if you could hear a pin drop.

On the same day a group of members of the GOP gathered for the purpose of taking a vow to make sure that the new President served only one term. In order to do this they planned to fight him on everything. By accomplishing their goal they would have succeeded at destroying hope which was their intention.

When you strip people of hope you weaken them and they become easier to exploit and it is the function of many on the right to exploit life. They are predators and they see the world around them as prey. To them hope is toxic. Hope is a liberator and they need to enslave. They live in fear of those that they have invested in weakening becoming strong. Hope nurtures strength so they seek to destroy it. The purpose and need of those on the right is to destroy hope in order to achieve their ends.

There are some on the left who see hope as a good feeling and when that good feeling ceases being continuously stoked they move on to another thing that creates the same stimulus. They have an unsophisticated understanding of hope. They don't understand it needs to be nurtured.

There are others who understand that true hope is intended to inspire you to action in order to materialize that hope so that it moves beyond just a good feeling.

I have said many times before that I see humanity as being at a turning point. Barack Obama brought in a wave of hope precisely at the time of it's need. What gives it value is that the hope he brings is not intended to be just a good feeling. The hope he brings is intended to inspire people to action. The inspiration of hope is meant to provide motivation to find the means to materialize that hope.

President Obama has spent his time in office finding the ways and the means of planting seeds of hope with the intention of turning this country in a more just direction. He continues to be a source of hope and inspiration to millions around the world.. The force of hope is more potent than the force of destruction. The GOP failed. They wanted to destroy that image at the top of the page and they failed. They failed at making Barack Obama a one term president and they failed at destroying him and therefore they failed at destroying hope.

It's easy to lose hope with a new election on the horizon and the uncertainty it brings. It's easy to look at the monstrous GOP field of candidates and feel discouraged. It's easy to look at the lackluster field of Democrats and feel discouraged. It is vital to not cede hope. President Obama will be leaving the office of the Presidency but that is not intended to be the end of hope. The hope that Barack Obama inspired is not about him or his legacy. It is about us and our legacy. It is up to us to not allow the predators of the world to strip us of hope and it is up to us to discover what part we can play in keeping hope alive.

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