On lunatics and asylums

Well. Well. Well.

It wasn’t so long ago that the Very Serious People were saying that Donald John Trump was a flash in the pan. He wasn’t serious. He’d fade away in a week. Huffington Post even famously averred that it would cover The Donald’s sham of a campaign only on its entertainment section. Because politics is a serious business, and has no time for the shenanigans of a one-time reality show star and serial abuser of bankruptcy laws.

He didn’t go away, however. He impugned Sen. John McCain’s heroism, saying he preferred heroes who didn’t get captured. Horror! Fie on you, sir! Mexican immigrants are fair game; St. John of McCain, however, is an entirely other matter. Surely this would sink the Donald, and the establishment candidates could go back to fellating the Koch Brothers in turn to gain the vaunted signet ring.

Funny thing; Mr. Trump’s lead increased after his intemperate words about Sen. McCain. They increased after he trolled Lindsey Graham by disclosing his mobile number at a speech. He just keeps getting YOOOOOOOOOOOOGE.

No real professional campaign staff? No problem! It seems like Mr. Trump has tapped into something no Republican has before him. He’s tapped into that raging, roiling nativist hatred which establishment Republicans hid behind code words. Donald John Trump has no time for code words. Code words are for losers, and he’s a winner! He’s not going to say “some” immigrants are criminals. Nope. ALL THOSE DIRTY MEXICANS ARE RAPISTS AND WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP! He has no time for the vagaries of our broken policing system. COPS SHOULD BE ABLE TO SHOOT YOU ON THE STREET FOR JAY WALKING! Donald John Trump is that crazy uncle Morty who talks about kikes and spics and niggers at family gatherings, and whom no one can shut up. With the difference that Donald John Trump is a billionaire, beholden to no one, and is running to lead the world’s last empire.

That the GOP has been an asylum for decades is of no surprise to anyone. No one who has truly paid attention can be shocked at what is transpiring in the Year of Our Lord 2015 among the GOP presidential hopefuls. The fusion reaction that is Donald John Trump has forced every other single candidate to say the most amazing things just to get a bit of the air time sucked up by Mr. Trump. And that is a major problem.

Yes, the GOP has been an asylum. But the leadership has always been able to fool people into thinking that the wardens were still in charge. But that’s now impossible. What Donald John Trump’s candidacy has done is rip the soaking bandage off of the festering wound. He may be a warden; he may be a lunatic. Either way, he’s thrown his lot in with the lunatics and led to a take over of the asylum. No more platitudes. No more couched terms. He’s giving the GOP base what it has always wanted: a leader as deranged as it is, who embraces its language wholeheartedly, without reservation. He’s not trying to win over libtards or area centrists. He’s fully convinced that his rhetoric is his ticket to the Rose Garden. And his growing army of followers spurs him on.

You built that, GOP. You used the dark energy of the rabid Right to win a few contests, thinking you could contain it. But, just as physicists don’t understand the cosmic dark energy, you totally misread your ability to corral the crazy.

Now you’re shocked, shocked that the rubes aren’t falling in line. The rubes have had it with you. You keep promising them a right-wing Christian paradise, and deliver nothing of the sort. They’ve finally taken matters into their own hands, handing the putative lead in the GOP beauty pageant to Donald the Ferret Head. Enjoy having him either as your standard bearer, or being stabbed by his 3rd party run. No one has deserved such a predicament as much as you.

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