The Greatest President In the History of The United States of America: A Case for Barack Obama

Throughout history there have been points in time of great change and potential peril when a strong and forward thinking leader has been needed to step forward and help to guide this nation. There have been great presidents from the past who took on the challenges of the time. Each of these challenges has been unique. We are now at another point in time of a great challenge that is unique. There is a quality to this time that sets it apart from the others that pertains to the culmination of need that has yet to be addressed that has been present throughout history and remains present at this point in time today.

Humanity throughout history including the history of this country has lived and functioned under a belief and understanding of itself that we are in a competition with each other for survival which has opened the door for one human being to believe he or she has the right to exploit another human being in order to survive. We have pitted ourselves against each other opening the door to exploitation. When you are exploited it doesn't feel good. No one likes it. We don't like feeling exploited but we are exploiting each other and because of that we are creating friction and eventually the outcome of that friction is war and war is destructive  and we have been engaged in war throughout our history.

Due to the fact that we have advanced in a technological way but our consciousness has not evolved, we have reached a point where we have developed the capacity to destroy through war all life on Planet Earth. This might not happen tomorrow but we have clear knowledge that if we continue down the same path it is inevitable that we are headed towards self destruction through war. This is the reality.

We also know that we are in the process through exploitation of destroying the Earth. The Earth is also a living body that does not like to be exploited and has the will to survive. In order to survive the Earth is in the process of changing it's climate in a way that would make it unlivable for the toxic parasite that is humanity. We are destroying ourselves through planetary destruction. This is the reality. This is a known fact. If we find a way to live on another planet the result would be the same. As long as our mindset does not change we will end up destroying everything that we touch.

It is now clear that if we continue in the direction that we have been heading throughout our history we will reach the inevitable endpoint which is self destruction. This is not an unknown. We can use our sense of reason to see that this is so. The fact that this situation, this mindset has been present throughout history has created a snowball like effect causing it to build up speed and power heading towards the logical endpoint which is self destruction.  The fact that we know that this is so makes this moment in time so crucial. The dire need exists at this time for someone of wisdom, understanding, strength and foresight to take a leadership role. Someone with the capacity to take on this unique and potent challenge. Someone with an evolved consciousness. It was at this time that Barack Obama stepped on to the world stage ready to take on the challenge that is present in this country and in the world today.

Due to the fact that we are rapidly reaching the endpoint of the idea that has defined us throughout history all of our systems are breaking down so that the needs of today are coming from all directions in rapid fire with each one being of vital importance. This is part of the exhaustive challenge Barack Obama as president has had to face. He has had to constantly put out fires coming from all directions and he has had to begin to build something new in its place.

If that wasn't enough of a challenge the other part which he has had to confront which is also extreme is that the bulk of the people on the right-wing in this country seem to have a single minded obsession to destroy him and his presidency and it doesn't matter how much destruction they cause to that end. On the other hand the bulk of the people on the other side or the left-wing have for the most part abandoned and disassociated from him leaving him with a sparse number of allies. All around him there is a dug in resistance to change and an absence of support leaving him to be a vehicle of change solely from the power, strength, wisdom, intelligence and foresight of his own being.

In it's essence the crucial need of today is to put a stop to the direction we have been heading and to begin to lay the groundwork for building a new and different world with a new and different relationship between ourselves and with the Earth. The only way this can be accomplished is to find a way to utilize the tools and the means of the present no matter how lacking they might be to construct a new and different future.

From my perspective this is precisely what President Obama has been doing. Using the limited tools available to him he has practically single highhandedly  been putting a stab in the heart of the old and he has been planting the seeds of the new. He has been assisting us in turning away from self destruction and helping us to prepare the way for the creation of a more consciously evolved humanity that will enable us begin to understand ourselves through the eyes of community and connectedness and not through the eyes of the destructiveness of seeing ourselves as separate which is how we have lived in the past that has led us down the road to self destruction.

This is a momentous time in human history. We are at a turning point. If we don't evolve we will have no future. I am not saying these things to invoke fear. I am saying them because there is a necessity to face this reality so that we can make different choices that will move us in a completely different direction. There has never been a time in our history where the need for leadership has been so great. The quality of the leader at this time has needed to be someone at a level of awareness beyond any leader of the past. This leader has had to face a force of resistance rooted in the whole of history. We have needed someone with the capacity to take on this task. From my perspective Barack Obama has been that person. The task is not over but it has begun. It is still in it's infancy but with the leadership of Barack Obama the tide is turning. The groundwork is being laid. For me this is what makes Barack Obama the greatest president in the history of the United States of America.

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