Fundamentalism on the Right and the Left

If you look at what is happening on the right in this country it's easy to see that many are engaged in a fundamentalist way of thinking. It is dogmatic and static. It is entrenched and calcified. It is as if it is set in stone. It appears unmovable and unchangeable. These ideas and beliefs are from the past and they offer no solutions to problems facing a rapidly changing world.

If you look at many on the left although their ideas and beliefs may seem progressive, they are approached in the same dogmatic calcified set in stone way that many on the right approach their beliefs. Things are understood in the same unsophisticated simplistic and limited way even though the focus of the ideologies on each side are different.

Anyone running for president who says that they can bring the country together is delusional. You can't bring people together who are polarized in their thinking. You can't bring people together who are unwilling to budge from an entrenched point of view. There is no potential for compromise in this system of thinking.

There is also no potential to create progress in this system. For something to progress it has to move and grow and change from one thing to another. It has to have the ability to change. There is no potential for compromise or change in this polarized situation because both sides are static and unchangeable. When something is set in stone it is unable to move or to grow or to change. It is as a dead thing and progress is a living thing. Because it is alive it contains the capacity for growth and change.

So how is it then possible for things to change as they currently exist since the old system is incapable of change? It makes sense that a more mature and evolved understanding of progress is needed and it must be applied to what is taking place in the present. We need a more evolved understanding of what change is and how to materialize it or how to make it a reality and not just a nice sounding idea. We need a more adult understanding of progress and change.

Enter President Obama. He behaves and thinks in a more mature and evolved way. He appears to have a keen understanding and sensitivity to the past and how it has created the present and he appears to have a vision for the betterment of humanity moving into the future. The President tries to utilize any and every means that is open to him in order to bring this vision of a more evolved and mature humanity into the present.

President Obama is at the forefront of the times and because of that many of the people who are stuck in the old limited ways of thinking and understanding are shortsighted and have a kind of tunnel vision that blinds them to what is in front of them. To many of those people President Obama appears to be invisible. They don't see him for who he is and they then project their old limited understanding and their old prejudices on to him and make believe that is who he is.

There is another affect from President Obama being at the forefront of the times that is very powerful, he is seeding this new understanding of progress and change into the consciousness of humanity where it has the potential to grow and evolve and reshape the way we think and if we think differently our actions will begin to change.

We are moving away from a fundamentalist way of seeing things into a new way of understanding and experiencing ourselves. President Obama is helping to lead the way. This is what progress looks like. This is how we progress.

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