Resistance to Change

The most blatant resistance to change is easy to spot. It's when someone flat out refuses to budge or make any concessions. It's the more subtle resistance to change that can slip by unnoticed but takes place so often. I observed a few of them recently.

The first example took place after the murders in South Carolina where the legislature was discussing the potential of removing the Confederate Flag. One of the legislators who I assume to be white said that his friendship and caring for his fellow legislator who I assume was black caused him to see that the flag was a source of pain for his friend and therefore he wanted to see the flag removed. Sounds good so far but the next thing he said was that he expected his friend to return the favor. This is an example of the more subtle resistance to change.

If the legislator who spoke actually felt for his friend and fellow legislator he would have said that he understood that the race of people of which he was a part had caused profound pain to the race of people of which his friend was a part and that not only was he now calling for the immediate removal of the flag but that he also wanted to know what more he could do for his friend that would help to heal the wounds of the past that are still present today. There would be no asking for a returned favor.

A second example of the more subtle resistance to change I heard on NPR on a program where E.J. Dionne and David Brooks discuss the events of the week. David Brooks, the so called great conservative thinker was discussing the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. He said that he had always believed in the right for same sex couples to marry and was pleased with the decision and then he said that there are a lot of people who are not ready for this change so gay people are just going to have to be patient and tolerant. What Brooks failed to see is that although it's quite obvious that there are people who are completely resistant to this change the need for patience and tolerance should not be placed on the group of people who have historically been the people who have had to supply the patience and tolerance.

Although it is a good thing that Nicki Haley endorsed the removal of the flag this was not an act of courage. It was a political calculation made for the purpose of her own survival. She was backed into a corner. These are all examples of the subtle resistance to change which is intended to serve as a pacifier for the purpose of lulling people back to sleep in hopes that the problem disappears. They need to be seen for what they are.

The Emperors have no clothes. They are being exposed and they are running for cover. Times are changing and we are at a tipping point. We will soon no longer be a white majority country. The disparity of money and power in this country and in the world is unsustainable.

The time for change has come. Resistance is futile. Change is a universal imperative. It's not a question of whether or not change will take place, the question is will the change be in the direction of good or the direction of ill. Will it the change be creative or destructive.

Enter President Obama who has served served two purposes.He has brought out and exposed the resistance to change and he is assisting in a powerful way to establish solutions that are creative and not destructive. He is offering creative solutions to the problems of today. He is providing us with creative solutions to conflicts so that we don't see war as our only alternate as war is destructive.

The power of creativity is more potent the the force of destruction. Those who are resistant to change are becoming relics of the past just as the rightful place for the Confederate Flag is as a relic of the past. The time for change has come.

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