#IranDeal: Sen. Schumer Steps up to Betray His Country and His President

Chuck Schumer should remember he is an American Democrat, not the Senator from Likud.

Chuck Schumer should remember he is an American Democrat, not the Senator from Likud.

This morning, when CNN had a moment between their breathless coverage of the Boston bomber trial (9,876,431 words to say "Jury deliberating") and their hard-on over Rand Paul's entry to the clown car known as the Republican presidential primary, they ran a quick headline that New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has joined forced with Sen. John "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" McCain to propose legislation allowing Congress to scuttle the fantastically good Iran Deal now in its final stages of being written.

Schumer actually signed on last week as a cosponsor to Tennessee Republican Bob Corker's bill to allow Congress a "review" (read: veto) on any potential nuclear deal with Iran that would involve suspending Congressional sanctions. Corker never signed the infantile letter freshman Republican Tom Cotton and 46 other Republicans wrote to Iran, and now we know why: he was busy writing legislation to give shape to that temper tantrum. He, and apparently Schumer, weren't content with just treason talk, they wanted treason law.

But Schumer chose today - just as the White House is beginning a push for the deal that would put even weapons grade material - let alone a nuclear weapon - out of Iran's hands through stringent verification and monitoring requirements. Notably, Schumer's move comes on the heels of Israeli Prime Minister and fanatical Likud party leader  - as well as noted racist - Bibi Netanyahu ripping the deal and lobbying the US Congress.

One ought to note here that this has nothing to do with support for Israel or for the Jewish people. Numerous American Jewish organizations, Israeli newspapers and many Israelis have strongly backed the multiparty deal outlined on Friday. That is not say nothing of the fact that Americans back the President on this by a two-to-one (59% - 31%) margin, and prominent Jewish American leaders in government, such as Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) have warned Congress against playing politics with it.

This isn't about backing Israel. After all, it cannot be reasonably argued that Israel's security is better served by allowing Iran to keep its nuclear program a secret than is it by placing it under strict international supervision and inspection while severely reducing its nuclear capability and supply.

So what is it about, then? This is about using Israel as a rouse to advance the global neocon agenda, which has seen its influence wane in the wake of the Obama doctrine and in the aftermath of America's two longest wars. Bibi Netanyahu has evidently proven a worthy heir to Dick Cheney and George Bush for neocons worldwide, and they have enlisted Schumer as one of their frontmen. I may note that Schumer was also one of the frontmen in Bush and Cheney's war agenda, happily connecting his 'Yes' vote on the disastrous war to 9/11, which had exactly nothing to do with Iraq.

As I mentioned in my article about the Iran nuclear deal last week, it is shaping up to be a resolution of the United Nations Security Council as all countries with a veto in the Security Council have agreed to this framework. For Congress to demand yet another veto over the process is both an usurping of the president's Constitutional power to conduct foreign policy and a grave violation of America's obligations under the treaty that established the United Nations and its Security Council (the UN Charter). 

But this is more than that. This is a vote for war without calling it one. This is - once again - cowards in Congress pushing America to go to war with yet another middle eastern country that isn't an imminent danger to the United States. Netanyahu, Schumer and their neocon buddies know that talk of open war will cause Americans to vehemently reject their agenda, so they want to cloak it in the worst possible form of concern-trolling about the only thing that could prevent a war.

If Congress wants war, it has a Constitutional avenue to do it - declare war on Iran, or at least, take a vote on an actual war resolution. Have the balls to do that (yeah I know, "balls" isn't exactly PC, but that's what I got right now). Don't hide behind a pretension that your agenda is anything else.

Otherwise, with all due respect, Mr. Schumer, shut the fuck up.

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