President Barack Obama- Civil rights leader

Spandan has written a wonderful article that relates to the speech that President Obama gave on the Edmund Pettus Bridge but I wanted to look at it from a different angle. If anyone hadn't notice before the President gave this speech his giving this speech has left no doubt that President Barack Obama is a Civil Rights leader.

President Obama has the qualities that are present in long time Civil Rights leaders and those qualities which seem to be opposing qualities are the fierce urgency of now and the seemingly infinite patience of one who understands that the arc of history bends towards justice. President Obama embodies these qualities.

If you look at the picture of the President marching across that bridge and you look at the picture of President Obama looking out from the window of Nelson Mandela’s prison cell if you have been paying attention to this man you know that those pictures are not photo ops. You know that he is a man who is not only taking in the meaning of these historical places but that he is putting himself in the shoes of the person and the people who were there before him. He is experiencing empathy and compassion. President Obama embodies these qualities.

When Mitt Romney was running for president he claimed his business experience qualified him to be president.The purpose of a business is to make a profit and it doesn’t matter how much carnage you leave in the process as long as there is profit. This was seen as his qualification to become president.

Liberty, Justice and Freedom. Shouldn’t the qualification for becoming president be to steward these ideas? Shouldn't the qualification for becoming president therefore be to be a Civil Rights leader?  Shouldn’t the president embody the empathy and compassion that would be the driving force that would enable them to be a steward of these ideas? 

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