The Collapse of the Structures of the World and the Rise Of Barack Obama

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If you look at the infrastructure in this country it's clear that it is in a terrible condition. If you take a look at many of our other structures you can see that they are also in a terrible condition. Our educational system is not really working, our policing is not really working and in spite of the improvements with the ACA our health care system is not really working. Almost every system is in ill repair and is not really working as it does not address the needs of the people.
And if you look around the world the you can see great unrest in a vast number of countries as the people are reaching a breaking point as their needs are not being addressed and in response the oppressive leaders in the world are causing more distress by attempting to hold on to power and therefore they are causing increased pain and suffering on the people who are underneath them.
Also the political systems are not working. Democracy is not working very well, Communism isn't working, Socialism isn't working. None of the isms seem to be working. Our financial systems aren't working. The stock market is a gambling casino built on a house of cards and the free market is not creating freedom.
There is a root idea or belief that is a springboard of all of these systems and that is “Survival of the fittest” and “To the victor goes the spoils”. This belief system can be found at the root of a vast number of the structures of the world as these ideas have been the operating system of humanity throughout recorded history.
This operating system clearly has caused division and inequity and therefore suffering. This division and inequity has grown and is continuing to grow at an ever rapid rate and it has become so vast that it has reached a breaking point. This operating system is the cause of most of the pain, the suffering, the despair and the hopelessness  throughout humanity. Due to this unfair and unjust condition or operating system that isn't working for the mass of humanity it is clear that we need a new hope. We need hope for a better world. We also need a new vision that will be the basis of the creation of that hope. So we need change. We need hope and we need change.
Not that many years ago Barack Obama made the decision to run for President and he stepped on to the world stage. The essence of his message was hope and change. Enough people responded to that message and he won the Presidency. There were and are a number of people who are desperate to prevent that change from taking place. They are part of the old world and the old operating system and they are loathe to release their grip on power and their control of the resources of the world. There is another group that doesn't want to see change and although they may not be personally benefiting from the old system they identify with it and they are afraid of change. There is another group who want change but have a very unsophisticated understanding of what that change is and how to bring that change into being. There are also those who see the necessity for change who have an understanding of what President Obama was and is saying.
Those on the right often speak of American Exceptionalism. Their understanding of it is rooted in the old idea. They see this country as they see themselves as superior and therefore whatever they do is right and therefore they can do whatever they want and they see it as their right to possess and control all the goods of the earth no matter how much pain and suffering it causes the rest of the world.
Barack Obama also has a vision of American Exceptionalism even though those on the the right choose to be blind to it. His vision is different. He sees it that we have the capacity to face the challenges of the day and to evolve and create a better world and therefore to not be a destructive force in the world  but to be a light for the rest of the world.
I agree with this vision. We are intrinsically and profoundly creative and intelligent. We have the capacity to confront the challenges that we face and find solutions. We are at a unique time in human history. Just like that collapsed bridge in the image above our systems are essentially collapsed. They are defunct. It's not going to be possible to do a patch job on the systems of today just as there is no hope of patching that bridge.
We are going to need a whole new structure, a new operating system. The old structure of survival of the fittest is finished. It doesn't work. It doesn't meet the needs of humanity. We are going to have to create a completely new structure based on a completely different kind of relationship with ourselves and with each other, one that is based on true fairness and justice that meets the needs humanity.
This might sound like a pipe dream but the reality it is necessity. There is a void that has been created by the death of the old that provides the opportunity for the creation of a whole new operating system that has a completely different foundation. I believe that President understands all of this and that it is no accident that he has stepped on to the world stage and that he has been able to be in the position that he is in at this moment in time.

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