The Keystone Veto and the Persistent Zombie of Obama's "Weakness"

I understand this is old news, but you will forgive me for doing a little catch-up. But I wouldn't be bringing it up if it weren't important in understanding the current political climate in America and the dumbfounding stupidity of ideologues both Left and Right.

So, the other day, President Obama vetoed the Republican Congress' first bill. Iconic of the conservative movement's attachment to the past in more ways than one, Republicans made it the first order of business when they took over both houses of Congress to pass a bill approving a foreign oil pipeline. President Obama used the first veto of his career to kick it back to Congress with a short but stinging message: "it has earned my veto", the president wrote.

With his veto, the president has merely kept a promise to the American people: that he will not allow a regressive Congress or anyone else to make a rash decision circumventing the established administrative procedure.

But with this veto, the President has also answered an astoundingly stupid criticism of his being lodged from the Left field: that this president doesn't know how to "stand up" to the Right or how to fight them. For mor than a year now, the Panic Button Left has been having self-inflicted heart attacks in the absolute certainty that Barack Obama was just looking for an excuse to rub their noses with this pipeline.

Not that this is the first time the President has thoroughly embarrassed the Professional Left's parrots - if they were capable of experiencing the emotion, that is. From the passage of health reform that once and for established a social responsibility component to health care in law to their loud howling demanding the president use executive action to temporarily halt the enforcement of Don't Ask, Don't Tell only to see the President keep his promise to repeal the law as an act of Congress, from financial reform to the budget, from net neutrality to Cuba, the keyboard commandos of the Left have consistently and utterly failed to make their case that Barack Obama is weak, or worse, a Republican.

However, as is the case with their right wing counterparts, the mere factual devastation of a talking point has not constituted its end. Rather, it has born zombies. If facts matter any more to the Left's ideologues than they do to the Right's provocateurs, the Professional Left's pinning walls on the interwebs would be full of teary-eyed apologies to the president for doubting him and even abandoning him when he needed us to have his back the most.

Don't hold your breath. After all, Barack Obama has not succeeded in turning America into a police free zone with 90% taxes on the wealthy, free health care and a cradle-to-grave welfare guarantee. He refuses to withdraw all American forces, even in friendly territories, abroad. And of course, he could have done it all if only he had pounded enough podiums and held enough fireside chats.

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