President Barack Obama - The Right Man For This Moment In History

I remember a moment just before Barack Obama was introduced at his first inauguration. He was in a hallway in the shadows appearing to be alone. His head was bowed and his eyes were closed. My sense was that he was preparing himself to face the enormous responsibility that was before him and that he was asking for the strength and wisdom needed for this awesome task.

On that same day Mitch McConnell was meeting with fellow members of his party stating their number one need and goal which was to destroy this president and his presidency.

Many people who come to this site expressed how depleted and disheartened they felt after the last midterm election which resulted in both houses of congress now being in the control of the GOP even though it appeared that that would be the outcome of the election. I shared in this experience.

Just after the election I saw the President in a press conference and in a few interviews and from listening to him and observing him something was quite evident about his appearance- he seemed as if a giant weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He seemed solid and strong and he had a sense of peace about him that seemed new to this moment. It was clear to me that this now so called lame duck president was aware of something that I wasn't and that brought a sense of relief to me.

Many people who come to this site have also expressed that if only this president had experienced cooperation and support he could have accomplished so much more. I also share in these sentiments. But I think it's very important to note and to realize that the resistance President Obama has faced is exactly what needed and needs to take place. You can't treat an infection or an infestation unless you know that it's there and if you don't get down to the root or the cause it will continue to fester. This infection or infestation can only continue to survive in the shadows and the darkness where it is able to do it's damage. As soon as it is exposed to the light of day it wants to scramble back as hide in the shadows.

Another important understanding about this resistance that is now being exposed is that the resistance will want to rise up to the level of that which it is facing. Another way of expressing this is that the depth of goodness and intelligence and strength that exists in the person of Barack Obama has called forth a barbaric and primitive resistance that attempts to be as potent as the force that it is opposing. What this means is that the presidency of Barack Obama has exposed this massive amount and degree of vulgarity that we are seeing in this country. It is being brought out of the shadows and it is now being fully exposed to the light of day.

Many people who come to this site have expressed the similarity we see today to the time of the Civil War. That war manifested due to a rise in tension that necessitated some major event to take place to attempt to address that tension. The Civil War was fought by the Confederacy in large part to prevent exactly what has taken place today where we see a man of color living the White House in the position that can be seen as the most powerful person in the world.

The inequality that is present has now grown to a degree that makes it a clear danger to humanity. It makes sense that we are once again at a point of great tension that has been exacerbated by the presence of this President and that has created a concern that we might be facing another civil war. In the speech the President gave recently in Selma he noted that although it seems that we are right back where we were in the past we are not. We have evolved. Because we have evolved I do not see us fighting another civil war on the battlefield but we are now engaged in a civil war of ideas.

When President Obama was taking the oath of office he knew he was facing an economy in free-fall, two wars and an unstable world. He had faced the run-up to the presidency and had experienced the vitriol that had taken place and he had live his life in his own skin. He is not naive. He had to know he was going to face a huge resistance but it's hard to imagine that even he would have foreseen the depth to which this resistance would go. But he is not spending his time with thoughts of what might have been, he is busy confronting the reality of the moment. He is busy doing what he always does- spinning straw into gold and he is going this with tremendous grace.

I wanted to make a point. What we see happening in relationship to this President was absolutely necessary. We were ready to elect this President and we were ready to face that which has been exposed due to the presence of this President. Time and time again this President is proving that who he is and what he stands for is more powerful than that which opposes him and his ideas. The time for change has come. The monster that hides in the shadows is being exposed . To use basketball terms this President has forced them off their home court advantage and now they are floundering.

Is this a slow process? Possibly but not necessarily. Because we are now at a tipping point in human history due to the necessity for change brought about because the systems of the world are not addressing the needs of the people the potential for great and immediate change is present.

What I have said does not make the uncivilized reaction we have seen to this President in any way tolerable. It is in fact deeply and profoundly intolerable and that is very important because it is when something grows to the point of becoming intolerable it moves people out of a state of complacency and complacency is the worst evil because it lulls people into a condition of numbed indifference.

The reaction to this President has exposed the division that exists and that division has presented us with a clear choice, do we want to evolve or do we want to continue on a path of deterioration that will cause nothing but increased pain and suffering for humanity? If we are unaware that there is a choice and we don't know what that choice is then we will remain passive and complacent. So it has been necessary that the division be exposed therefore presenting us with a clear choice .

The President continues to be a source of hope and inspiration for millions of people in this country and around the world. It is quite apparent to me that President Barack Obama is the right man for this time in history not only because of the color of his skin but also the content of his character.

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