They all rolled over and one fell out

News broke this morning that Linsdey Graham, the bachelor senator from South Carolina, has exited the clown car which passes for the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

The frightening thing is that Lindsey "I Want To Be At War With Everyone" Graham is the "moderate" in the race. Normally, a man who wants to bomb anyone who so much as says "boo" to the US would be considered a war-mongering radical. But because he has come out forcefully against the Trump and Cruz lean of the modern GOP, he's been lauded as a truth-teller in the Republican Party by the media with whom he's so cozy.

So let that sink in. A guy who literally wants to bomb everyone is the moderate. This is an indication of how far the Republican Party has shifted to proto-fascism, if not outright fascism. And, let's be frank: This has happened in the eight years since we elected Barack Obama. It's gone into overdrive since we re-elected him in 2012. The GOP said it learned lessons from 2012, promising to be more inclusive and open. But, if it learned those lessons on an elite level, the lesson which the proletariat learned was that nothing but the hardest of right wing ideology would do to defeat the pernicious Obama regime and its liberal enablers. Thus, Il Douche and Punch-Me-Face Cruz are the leaders in the primary polling.

I don't like Lindsey Graham. His "moderate" schtick is old and ratty. But when a man as militant as Sen. Graham is too liberal for the GOP, we know we've gone beyond the event horizon. St. Ronald of Reagan, who got us on this leaden path, would be a RINO if he were to run today. We have one of the two major political parties running with arms akimbo towards fascism, and somehow this merits nothing but a "both sides" from our feckless media.

Goodbye, Lindsey Graham. I mourn your exit not because you're a "moderate". I mourn because your exit shows that even a rock-ribbed conservative is too squishy for the brown shirts. That should give us all pause.

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