Stop making us be racists!

I found this picture on the Twitter box yesterday. I shook my head and pursed my lips and moved on. Saved it for future use, however.

I had no idea that the future is today.

Over on the National Review (no link, as I don't wish to give them clicks directly), there's an article blaming Il Douche's rise to—wait for it—that damned Obama! Yes, see, it's all Barack Obama's fault that a large swathe of white America has lost its puny little minds. If only someone not as black were inhabiting the White House the country would be a paradise of racial comity.

That's the lie right there. This country has never been a paradise of racial comity. As the President acknowledges, things have improved. But a lot of that improvement was, I believe, cosmetic. The racial animus simmered underground, waiting for a chance to boil up, as in Yugoslavia once it was freed from Marshal Tito's iron grip. Only in this regard is Pres. Obama "responsible" for white people losing their shit; his election and conduct as president have held up a glaring light to their prejudices, and as often happens with human beings, once a fault is revealed we tend to scream louder that it's not us, it's them.

What's most amusing is that conservatives are the ones preaching taking personal responsibility. But why have they turned racist? Oh, it's not us; we wouldn't be screaming racial epithets if it weren't for Barack Obama being black and in the White House, or liberals more generally.

Thus it's quite logical for them to believe that Il Douche is Pres. Obama's child, the raging white id springing full grown from his head, ready to lead what's left of white America back to the promised land. Because, again, before Obama—say it with me—"racism was almost solved."

The white working class, which has been ravaged by the economy propagated by GOP policies for the past 40 years, is again being a useful idiot for those same masters of the universe. The blacks, the browns, the yellows are coming to get you. Of course your reaction is normal. Of course you should be scared of them. They want to subjugate you. They want to take away what little you have. (Don't look up here as we're the ones really taking away what little you have left.) Turn all your ire on them. That should be Bernie Sanders' stump speech, melding his economic critique with a critique about how economic realities are then hidden by racist appeals. But, of course, that would involve him speaking truth to a voting bloc he's convinced he can win. That's just something politicians don't do.

"Stop making us be racists" is akin to "Stop making me beat you." The victim gets turned into the perpetrator. The perpetrator is absolved of all guilt and responsibility. "If only you didn't provoke me, everything would have been fine." It is the oldest con in human civilization. Nothing is ever my fault, but the fault of forces acting on me. Il Douche isn't a racist goat-fucker; he's merely expressing legitimate angst among white people. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Spare a thought for Trump supporters. The poor dears just woke up one day and realized that racism was the only way to save "their country". They were forced into it by us evil liberals and our overlord Pres. Obama. It's really all our fault. The sooner we go to the ovens, the easier they'll be able to sleep.

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