The precious petal apologists for fascism

This was going to be a far different essay. It was going to be a very top heavy view of the slide towards fascism which is taking place in the GOP primary race

But then I saw a tweet by Matthew J. Dowd.

I will admit this: I had no idea who this person was until yesterday. Then I learned he was a fluffer for the Bush clan. Everything fell into place then.

This was his tweet:

Funny. To which I replied:

And then, for good measure:

To which his reply (and this is key):

Why is this key? Follow on.

See??? He's not defending Trump! Except his response to me above was all about Trump.


See?? I'm a "far leftist", because I call out the rush to fascism which is the GOP today.

Look, I agree with Mr. Dowd, that it would be nice if there could be comity between the two sides of the aisle. But that's not what's happening.

What's happening is that the Right is running pell mell towards a fascism we thought we'd defeated in the 1940s. When the leading candidate of the GOP primary opines quite openly about putting Muslims into a database to be tracked, or yells that a Black Lives Matters protester should be "gotten out of here" at one of his Bund rallies, it seems it's a bit too late for the niceties Mr. Dowd wants to subscribe to.

His party, in the wake of Barack Obama's election, has gone on a path of total obstruction, not giving the legitimately twice-elected president of the United States the benefit of the doubt. We see this in the Syria situation, where Pres. Obama is seen as a) appeasing Daesh, and b) wanting to bring sleeper cells into the US in the form of widows and orphans.

Mr. Dowd can whine all he wants about mean liberals being mean and calling the GOP candidates fascists. But that boat has sailed. Fascism is the flavor of the month on his side, and the fact that he and his coreligionists don't have the moral courage to call it what it is is why his party will have Donnie Trump or Bennie Carson as its standard bearer. They have no one to blame but themselves that men who are supremely unfit to lead a school board much less the world's only empire are on the cusp of achieving their party's nomination.

So, dear Mr. Dowd: Fuck off. I will call them fascists, and I will call you and your ilk fascist enablers. I only hope that my fellow citizens are wise enough to cast them aside. Take to your fainting couch, because that seems all that you're suited to. You certainly don't seem to be able to bring sanity to your side of the political spectrum, if you even want to.

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